A Drop Off

Some of you may be wondering “where is the great content that Terry puts out” or “Didn’t he run a race this weekend, that slack ass hasn’t posted his race report”. Others of you may be saying “thank goodness”.

The reason for my absence from the great Blogosphere on the Intertube has been a viral one of sorts. It’s all started back on Sunday.

I was putting the kids down to bed, when The Younger, who had been just as peachy as all get out for the day, stops and gets this glazed look over his eyes. My spidey senses began to tingle and before I could do anything (I was already sitting down in Book Reading Mode), The Younger begins to expel every drop of liquid from his body. Thankfully he wasn’t aimed at me, or it would have been a scene from The Exorcist (except without all the head spinning).

So, a stomach virus had arrived. We quickly did the 48hr incubation math and determined that he may have picked something up from The Mall… how lovely. Thankfully he didn’t share his gift with those at Church since he hung out with us and listened to the Contemporary Music.

So Monday morning I needed to take My Lovely and Talented Wife to the airport for her trip. Since her flight was at Too Freakin’ Early, we set the alarm at 3:45am to give us 1, maybe 2 snoozes before we had to get up. My Lovely and Talented Wife was super smart and had 98% of her bags packed early on Sunday, thus we could get the bags and go.

It’s common for the kids to come into our room when they wake up at 5:30 or 6. They are pretty considerate to leave us alone, except for the times when The Younger decides to play Steamroller on us but we don’t play his game and try to ignore him for an hour or so. So, the alarm goes off at 3:45am and The Younger is in our bed. I hit snooze, thinking that I would get at least 9 more minutes of sleep. And I did sort of because at 3:53am, we are instantly awakened (as if we had 3 espressos) when we here The Younger start to heave. WE ARE AWAKE.

He ends up getting sick and so we decide to toss him in the car and take him to the airport. This way our Au Pair doesn’t have to get up way early since The Elder was still asleep. During the trip, The Younger got sick again. Another reason why My Lovely and Talented Wife is SO SMART, is that she suggested to put a towel near him during the trip. And it worked!

So when we get home, The Younger and I watch The Little Einsteins movie. Actually, HE watched it, I tried to sleep more. The morning proceeded normally. I come home from work to get the status report on The Younger… he had thrown up once more but was feeling fine. I on the other hand felt the urge to sleep, so I took advantage of the 1/2 hour that I had to sleep. I put the kids to bed, fell asleep with them and the next thing I knew it was 10pm.

I felt bad but not super yucky. I did have this great urge to sleep more, so I went straight to bed. I was awoken sometime in the early morning from The Younger finding a pack of gum and chewing (and probably swallowing) it all. I listened for any type of choking, but the kid chews it like a cow, it was easy to monitor.

I woke up and felt like a train had hit me. I wasn’t sick (yet) but I felt sloooow. I realized that I probably had a touch of what The Younger had, but for some reason, all the action seemed to be heading South. I had a couple of sitting spells before I took The Elder to school. I felt okay, but knew that I would be dehydrated from the poopiness. I stopped for a Powerade and diet Coke and went off to work.

By 9am, I was starting to decline. I only took very small sips from drinks and didn’t say much. I then started to feel very hot and sweaty. I was going to go sit on the toilet (the boys bathroom is in the other house) but as I opened the door, I felt a rush of liquid and made a dash for the edge of the porch. Although I was heaving out what was in my stomach, I observed that a combination of Green Squall Powerade and Diet Coke didn’t make the vomit taste all that bad coming back up.

So, I promptly left work, went home and slept from 10am to 5pm when it was my duty to take care of the kids. I felt like Hell, but the Au Pair needs her time off. So, I go out to the kitchen and I learn that once The Elder came home, his turn with the stomach virus has started. So, I went to go take care of him while the Au Pair entertained The Younger for an hour.

The Elder and I watched School House Rocks! DVD in its entirety. The Younger joined in after Tub Time. I then put the kids down to bed, but The Elder got sick twice (nothing much… wasn’t anything in his stomach). The Younger finally went to sleep, but I still felt like crap. I managed to get some liquids in me as well as some solid food. Based on what I can tell this bug is a 12hr or so variety…

Well, I’ll go back to work tomorrow, but now that my sleep schedule is a mess, I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Since I haven’t felt like doing anything, NOTHING has gotten done. Which is a shame because times like these are when I get a lot of stuff done. So, I do have a race report partially written, that is forthcoming, but for now it’s time to get some sleep.

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0 Responses to A Drop Off

  1. Susan says:

    Poor Coach! I knew SOMETHING must be up. Feel better.

    I do look forward to the race report!

    I am super behind on the blogs and podcasts. What has this world come to?

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. Hallie says:

    Viruses suck.

    I like the number in your blog name – if it hadn’t been there not sure I would have popped on over way back when. The number drew me in! It had me at hello!!

    I love the Deit Coke – I might use that and see how many people complain!!!


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