The Pictorial Project Weekend Recap

So coming into Saturday, I knew that I would be going to Honda to pick up the Civic and from there, I could do a little shopping for some containers and other stuff that I would need for the projects. However, I still had leaves to rake. So, after 2 bowls of Oatmeal, I headed out with the Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle to rake the leaves.

In about 2 hours, I finished raking the leaves to the bottom of the hill. Had I done this earlier, I would have moved them to the curb via a tarp for pickup, but seeing that was a month ago… I was just going to mulch them and use them. I don’t know if I just have Mad Ninja Raking Skillz, but what took me essentially 3 hours, took a guy and his kid 2 days to finish raking our back yard. I dunno though… maybe hauling the leaves out to the curb would be another 8 hours of work… if my mower worked, I would be done in no time. However, a 4 foot pile of leaves decomposes in my backyard… as you read this!


All at the bottom:


The view from the bottom of the hill:


I emailed a response to “You still have leaves” with “yes, and there are still more on the trees!”


I raked so hard that I even broke the rake!

So, with it being lunchtime and the need for food, plus baking was on “The List”, I made my way inside to make some Gluten Free Hotdog Buns. Had I read the recipe, I would have seen that I need a hotdog bun pan... something which I didn’t know existed (nor a hamburger bun pan) but regardless, 4 ingredients into a recipe… I just went with the flow.

The result, a very tasty and very ugly hotdog bun.


Later in the afternoon, I started on the Garage and continued to destroy the kitchen. I started doing batches of laundry and also making myself some tea. I then got a call that my car was ready so around 2:30, I suited up and ran to Honda. It was a 4.12 mile run, and was cold. Despite rain in the forecast, I never saw any. After getting the Civic, I headed out to get more stuff from the stores that I needed. Target was definitely on the list since I needed a warm Starbucks!

Saturday Night I spent moving, rearranging, consolidating, throwing away stuff from the Garage and the Kitchen. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time doing much else. By about 11pm, I was starting to get tired and sure enough I was asleep around midnight.

Sunday I awoke around 8:15am and debated on whether I should go to church or not. I finally got in the shower around 8:25am and was out the door around 8:45 which coincided with the Service Start time. When I got there, I hadn’t missed anything but the beginning songs. So, I went to church and went to Sunday School as well. Once that was done, I headed to Wal-mart to avoid the large crowds and get some items that I needed. I knew that I would only have a short time to get stuff done as I was traveling to Chattanooga for an Investing meeting (very casual) and that was a 1.25 hour commute because it was on the other side of town. I also planned on going to the Home Depot there, but forgot that it was Sunday and so the hours were abbreviated.

I went to the meeting until 6pm then headed to Home Depot and got there with about 30 minutes to spare. I was looking for some more Closet Maid shelving to finish up the garage and was hoping they had the 84″ Rubbermaid Fast Track. I had put up a 48″ Fast Track and it’s VERY easy and fast too… but a 84″ flavor would work PERFECTLY for our tools. But Alas, they had the 48″ and a 56″ which together would fit, but I would rather have the one big track.

So, I made it home and put the new shelving in and cleaned up the garage to the point that it was about 80% done. I had a huge supply to go to the recycling center on Monday. I listened to the Green Bay packers lose their chance to go to the Football game which is really super and they play in a bowl shaped arena. I guess now I will root for New England so that I can say that I saw the Patriots during their perfect season.

I also discovered that the White Caulking I bought to recaulk was actually clear. Nice. So, I was a day behind on that. I decided to fill in gaps that were really big with the clear and then follow everything up with the white. But Monday was approaching fast and the Garage was under control (but not cleaned), the Kitchen was still a wreck, the clean laundry was piling up as I was not folding it yet, the floors were not vacuuming themselves ad the list seemed to not be getting completed.

Here are a couple of pictures of The State of Flux the Garage and Kitchen were in… if you hear something, that’s just My Lovely and Talented Wife seeing what her house looked like while she was gone. She didn’t like the comment I made Monday on her way home… “Wow, I can see the floor for the first time!”




The end result coming up SOON!

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  1. Susan says:

    Man oh man — the Packers could play in your huge backyard!!!

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