The Final Result

You can look back at THIS POST to see what actually got done… I realize that the pictures added a bunch of space and you may have missed my updated list.

But Monday was the final day. There were some projects that never got done and I would need another couple days to get them done, but the projects where I was destroying the house, seemed to have some end in sight.


But Wait… Let’s Destroy the Laundry Room mere hours before My Lovely and Talented Wife come home:


Here’s the caulking for the kitchen sink… at least the part that passed my test. I need to redo a section of caulking elsewhere.


Well, he might be a little rough on the edges and his hair a little shaggy, but he cleans up well:


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0 Responses to The Final Result

  1. LATW says:

    Ahhhhh, that’s better… Thanks hunny. You are pretty Lovely & Talented yourself!

  2. Marianna says:

    Definitely much better!

    I must say ~ that hotdog looks like it has scrambled eggs wrapped around it.


  3. T3rry has lumpy buns!

    Talk about a hurricane of task managing. WOW! Maybe I need to go away more often like your LATW does and see if my other half follows suit!

    I am still in awe that you still have leaves.

  4. DPeach says:

    Marianna, when I saw the hot dog picture I thought it was scrambled eggs. It did not strike me odd at all. I thought he just wanted extra protein for breakfast.

    Are those matching coffee pots? Sometimes we could use 2 in the house.

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