Projects Status

So you’ve seen the list of what I wanted to accomplish, here is the results of what I actually got done:

Clean Out Garage – DONE
Organize Garage – Partially Done
Rake Leaves – DONE (Will Post Pictures)
Mulch Leaves – INCOMPLETE: Mower Wouldn’t Start
Consolidate extraneous piles of sticks and branches in backyard – PARTIAL: At least 4 piles of Sticks Remain
Clean Out Laundry Room – DONE (Will Post Pictures)
Organize Laundry Room – PARTIAL
Normal Laundry – DONE
Wash Kids’ Sheets – DONE
Wash Adult Sheets – DONE
Strip and Recaulk Kitchen Counter – DONE (will Post Pictures)
Purge and Reorganize Container Cabinet – DONE
Purge and Reorganize Cup Cabinet – INCOMPLETE
Rearrange Baking Dishes to only those used most often – DONE
Purge and Reorganize Pantry – PARTIAL
Reorganize Cupboard – PARTIAL
Consolidate Flour with Storage Containers – PARTIAL
Make Ham Soup – DONE
Make Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns – DONE (Will Post Pictures)
Make Gluten Free Donuts – INCOMPLETE: And I was sad too
Make Margaritas and finish Pepe Lopez Bottle – PARTIAL
Vacuum Kitchen Floor – DONE
Clean Kitchen Floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap – INCOMPLETE
Stain Doors to My Lovely and Talented Wife’s Office – DONE (Will Post Picture)
Clean Master Bath – PARTIAL
Recaulk Kid’s Tub – DONE
Purge and Clean Workshop – INCOMPLETE: In fact, added to the chaos
Clean Downstairs Living Room – INCOMPLETE
Vacuum Downstairs – INCOMPLETE
Backup Computers – INCOMPLETE
Organize Pictures on Terry’s Laptop – INCOMPLETE
Construct Picture Albums relevant to Planet3rry’s Blog – INCOMPLETE
Record audio for upcoming Episode of Gravity@1053? – INCOMPLETE
Take Recyclables to Recycling Center – DONE
Go to Church and Sunday School – DONE
Replace casual Shoes – INCOMPLETE
Take Books and CDs to McKay’s – DONE

Added Since Original Post

Go to Ecowater and Get new filters – DONE
Put Stuff on eBay – INCOMPLETE
Get Oil Change in Civic and Odyssey – DONE
Watch Zombie, Action or Zombie Action Movies – PARTIAL


About planet3rry

Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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  2. Susan says:

    Great googly moogly! Can I hire you? 🙂

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