More about the Projects

Like I eluded to in previous posts, the past weekend was a weekend totally free of wives, au pairs and kids. (Note: none of my other wives know about My Lovely and Talented Wife, so please keep that secret, thanks!). I had grand visions of watching Zombie movies with scantly clad women, drinking beer, eating General Tsao’s Chicken, Running with the Dog, Shopping and some house projects scattered in there. Well, turns out that is more House Projects with a few things scattered around. Here’s what I was planning on doing over the weekend:

  • Clean Out Garage
  • Organize Garage
  • Rake Leaves
  • Mulch Leaves
  • Consolidate extraneous piles of sticks and branches in backyard
  • Clean Out Laundry Room
  • Organize Laundry Room
  • Normal Laundry
  • Wash Kids’ Sheets
  • Wash Adult Sheets
  • Strip and Recaulk Kitchen Counter
  • Purge and Reorganize Container Cabinet
  • Purge and Reorganize Cup Cabinet
  • Rearrange Baking Dishes to only those used most often
  • Purge and Reorganize Pantry
  • Reorganize Cupboard
  • Consolidate Flour with Storage Containers
  • Make Ham Soup
  • Make Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns
  • Make Gluten Free Donuts
  • Make Margaritas and finish Pepe Lopez Bottle
  • Vacuum Kitchen Floor
  • Clean Kitchen Floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • Stain Doors to My Lovely and Talented Wife’s Office
  • Clean Master Bath
  • Recaulk Kid’s Tub
  • Purge and Clean Workshop
  • Clean Downstairs Living Room
  • Vacuum Downstairs
  • Backup Computers
  • Organize Pictures on Terry’s Laptop
  • Construct Picture Albums relevant to Planet3rry’s Blog
  • Record audio for upcoming Episode of Gravity@1053′
  • Take Recyclables to Recycling Center
  • Go to Church and Sunday School
  • Replace casual Shoes
  • Take Books and CDs to McKay’s

There’s a couple more, but those were really incidental or came up as a result of something else… UNfortunately, some of my pictures are on my laptop at home and some I have here… I don’t have the before and after pictures of most thins, so I might go ahead and make a comment on what I completed and what I didn’t and then do another post of before and after.

Now, when My Lovely and Talented Wife was leaving she said “In a Perfect World, when I get home… the house would be perfect” and that’s what I had to go by…


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0 Responses to More about the Projects

  1. Claudia says:

    Just writing that LIST would take up the whole weekend!!

  2. Marianna says:

    Gawd! You did all that?! Are you for hire?!?!


  3. Stacie says:

    Almost all of it makes you sound like the dream husband. If Lovely And Talented Wife kicks you to the curb, can I have dibs?

    (only thing is, if you reorganize my kitchen cabinets, I’ll be the next one kicking you to the curb) ;P

    You’re list exhausted me! LOL mostly because I thought about how much of that I should be doing around here!

    You Rock P3!

  4. Susan says:

    Lord help us. That is a LONG LIST!!!

  5. Petra says:

    Terry – I’m catching up on over 2 weeks of blogs – you amazing man! even just writing that list! wow – your wife has a lovely and ambitious husband I tell you!

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