Sea Sick

If you’ve staring at my site all day refreshing to see what exciting content I am going to be up next, do yourself a favor… get a RSS feed reader. It’ll save you TONS of time.

But if you are still living in 2004, then you’ve been hitting F5 (or if you are in-the-know) Shift-F5, then you’ve seen a possessed blog with white space showing up, disappearing, moving, disappearing… something like The Excorsist.

Actually, I wanted a 3 column theme but I love the color scheme and so I decided to go ahead and just change my theme to a wider, faster, sexier theme. Well, once I figure out what was going on…

The code was written like a TV season finale… to find resolution of the code in the current PHP file, you had to go to the next PHP file to get it. It’s like a puzzle. Instead of a box of smooth squares that where it’s own piece by itself, these were true puzzle pieces… So, in something that I wish I knew Yesterday! (adam sandler)… I figured out one out.

Thanks to Sam I Am (short name version) for sending me to a tutorial about expanding the column function of a column impaired Word Press theme, I was able to mash together something that didn’t look pretty but works.

I now have to work on the CSS (read: make it look pretty) and as much as I want to love GIMP… it’s so annoying because it’s not potatoshop (borrowed slang). I don’t think that I will be able to work on the image files until later tonight. So, if the screen looks a little messed up, it’s okay, you can have another Tequila Shot, or shot of espresso… you aren’t imaging things (I don’t think)



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0 Responses to Sea Sick

  1. You’re smart, the tweaks will work out quickly no doubt. I still love this theme though…the orange rocks and I love seeing space dude everyday!

    The lemongrass/green tea fro yo taste like , well, not like it should. Needs alot of tweaking.

  2. DPeach says:

    Go easy on the Gimp! Some of us have never used PhotoShop, so the Gimp is just fine.

    When I come back from my trip in 2 days I will be excited to see what kind of work you have done here.

  3. You are a brave, brave man — I wish you luck!

    (As long as you’re re-organizing everything, by the way, you might also want to fix the typo in one of your sidebar headers — it’s Flickr, not Flikr. Oops!)

  4. ShirleyPerly says:

    I like the 3 columns. Wish I could do that to mine but I’m still stuck using the old Blogger template and don’t have the time to figure it out. But I don’t have as much stuff as you do, that’s for sure!

  5. Stacie says:

    My blog is under construction too…it’s so frustrating. It looks like you’re actually making progress though…I am not. I might have to try that feeding thing one of these days…


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