I snooze I lose

Or rather, I don’t have a chance to even compete…

It would be kind of cool to be a “sponsored” athlete. IN that someone thought that I could promote their product (hopefully I would like) and be reward with some compensation for the every draining expense of running races. End of December and Early January is when I get the emails to Join Team Blankity Blank and in the past, I have sent in applications. My application to Team Power Bar scored me a whole box of “Thanks, but No Thanks” Power Bars.

This year, I received two emails that I flagged IMPORTANT and had decided to pursue filling the application. Hopefully, they wouldn’t mind someone who didn’t alway place in his agegroup (yeah, right) but sometimes was in the Top 5 of my age group and the top third overall. If you’ve listened to Episode 16 of Gravity@1053′, you’ll know that I have a number of races planned this week.

However, I was late…


Team Aquaphor, a product that I like… closed their application on January 11th.



Team Polar, which I am in the market for a Heart Rate Monitor anyway, ended their application submissions, yesterday, January 15th.

Oh well, another year of being a middle aged, somewhere near the middle of the pack, pleasantly eccentric non-sponsored runner. But things could be worse, so I am not complaining


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  1. ShirleyPerly says:

    I’ve been sponsored a couple times by teams like this (for my running) and think that being fast helps but also having a unique story or way to represent a company’s product is equally important. The main way to “get paid” is usually to appear in the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc) while showcasing the product, wearing logos or mentioning your sponsors. That was easy for me with my 21 Run Salute campaign since it was a pretty crazy idea with lots of races and publicity involved. The average age-group athlete on the team probably only got free products and a uniform to wear, maybe a media incentive or two, so a couple hundred dollars out of the couple thousand that is usually available. Still, that’s better than nothing. If you’re interested in getting sponsored, start building your resume or concocting a way to get noticed for next year!

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    PS – Just saw a different type of sponsorship today, one that provides lots of gear and other benefits but not cash to do what you want with it. If interested, check out: http://www.evotri.com/2008/01/press-release.html

    I know for a fact that some of the folks on this team are not top age-groupers, but they all have a passion for the sport and giving back to the community. Good luck whatever you decide!

  3. So sorry you missed the cut-off. I applied, but had to laugh at my nerve the entire time. I am not a “top finisher”, just a finisher. I’m a mom of 3 young kids and am hoping they’ll see a gal representing a group who needs to see a peer doing something they thought thy could never do. I doubt Polar will see it, but I thought I’d try – I am trying to scrape together the resources to enter events for the season, and I really need to invet in a road bike…

    Anyway, sure hope you are able to get in a few apps for next year 🙂

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