Another Political Quiz

Here is another Political Quiz and I will add it to my previous post as well, one-stop shopping!

This quiz, doesn’t make me as queasy on it’s selection method. Apart from having its Likert scale a little bit large (better precision), it uses some non-parametric cluster analysis to group candidates according to your answers.

The results are put on a slick, visually pleasing grid so that you can see the distance between clusters… which gives you a warm fuzzy about how close you are to that particular candidate. And like the othes, you only get the candidates from the two major parties.


my results: Well, I got a totally different party from the previous quizzes. So who knows what that means.


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  2. Hallie says:

    You totally quoted BETTER OFF DEAD!!!

    I love you even more now!!

    I stand firm – it is the best movie ever!!!


  3. Hallie says:

    Sitting here sucking down a Diet Coke…

    You absolutely can send CJ a care package (which he would love and I would be so thankful that you did) but not yet… He needs to finish the horrible stuff he is doing now and get to Florida first. He will be stationed right out side Pensacola and will have a “real” address. That’s when the packages can be sent to him.

    Of course, if you are DYING to do it now you can send it to our house in Maine and I will see that it gets sent to him. Up to you – either is fine. (and again, I seriosuly can’t thank you enough for wanting to)

    The “Thomas to Flak jacket” comment came from my utter shock that he has grown up. I KNEW it was happening, but didn’t KNOW it…if that makes sense. Parenting is such a tough job – so rewarding yet so heart wrenching at times – it’s just been so tough for me to accept that I can’t protect him anymore like I did when he wore Thomas footy pajamas.

    I honestly can’t tell you how proud I am of him but I truly wish I could have my little Thomas lover back. As you can tell, I am still trying desperately to adjust to this “new kind of normal.”


  4. Marianna says:

    I’m still in lines with the other 2 tests… I really like these!


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