Vacation from Technology

My Laptop is on the floor of ym bedroom… and I think it is still here. I went old school with technology this weekend and listened to the radio for some sports scores and the UT Men’s BasketVols game as well as our non-digital cable TV while I revived our connection downstairs. Other than that, I didn’t go much techno-stuff. Actually, I take that back. I did use the WiFi in the house to check the NFL scores on my Palm Pilot, but that’s IT!

This weekend was a jump into the future of spring cleaning. We’ve been wanting to due some grandeur reorganization with our closet, for some time, but never got around to it. My Lovely and Talented Wife picked up a book on organization for the visual ADDesque person and we were able to reformat our closet so that it worked for us. We weren’t going to try to force ourselves into using a system that lasts only 3 days. We determined what some of our strengths were and went from there. It’s pretty wild, but it works. Now for the rest of the house.

This coming up weekend, the party is on my planet. No, seriously. This week is Tequila week. As one of my contributions to reorangizing the house, I am in the process of pruning the alcohol bottles from our kitchen, one ounce at a time. Therefore, it’s Tequila week. I have a bottle of Pepe Lopez and a bottle 1800 (if you know anything about Tequila… don’t ask!). So in honor of Tequila week, today is Margarita Day.

Oh, to get back to the weekend. This coming up weekend, as long as the kids don’t have The Plague… they, their Smart and Sexy Mother and their Resourceful and Reliable Au Pair are going to South Carolina for a mini vacation. Actually, My Lovely and Talented Wife has business there and our Au Pair has some serious shopping to do as well. So that leaves me Home Alone…

Don’t worry… I’m not going to starve or end up wearing the same clothes for the same 4 days… who do you think does most of the cooking and laundry. My Lovely and Talented Wife does the arduous task of keeping the entire Family together and out of Darkness and Chaos, the least that I can do is the mundane tasks of cooking and keeping the laundry clean… oh, and recycling… such as the glass tequila bottles, for example.

However, if you want to get on the party list. Our Loud and Lovable Dog Skipper-Doodle is going to be at the door checking off the list. So you need to let me know early. Actually, I have a ton of stuff that I need to get done around the house that is SOOOO much easier without little ones running around or trying to help (with good intentions). So, I’ll be busy (plus it might be Rum Weekend…). I do want to catch some “Man” movies… those with gratuitous violence, dark humor, plenty of undead, and the occasional scantly clad babe running around. Stuff that My Lovely and Talented Wife would not want to see during our Date Night… Not sure what I am going to watch yet… I think I need to be more of a pest to my Movie and Zombie Expert to get a good list, I’m sure of it that my email is just in the spam section and not in the delete section. He sent me way of Lucky Number Slevin last time, which had the right amount of intelligence, violence and humor… although a little lacking in the undead and babe department.

I also need to do some computer back-ups and diagnostics that, again, are easier to do without prying little hands wanting to go to Of course there is the Gluten Free Flour Experiments, Photo Safari, Running, and other fun stuff that I want to do


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  1. Wow, I’m tired just reading it. How cool that the dog is the door dude…how does one check off names without opposable thumbs? Just make sure and save him a sip of tequila, and a spot on the couch for when the undead and the scantily clad bouncing babes make an appearance!

  2. dpal says:

    Sounds like a fun time! Some movie recommendations… Saw “The Kingdom” this weekend. very nice. The last 30 minutes are excellent! Very good Action/Suspense film.

    If you like and follow the Resident Evil zombie movies, you’d probably like the latest one out as well “RE: Extinction,” However, if you have not seen any of them, then go and rent the first. It is the best of the three.

    Lastly, and this has nothing to do with Zombies or scantily clad babes, but I was at the mall this weekend and the local FYE had the Indiana Jones boxed set for $30!!! I immediately thought of you.

    • planet3rry says:

      Hey things for the heads up on the Resident Evil. I know OF the game but that’s about it. I remember the first movie when it came out and it looked liked I would like it. I’ll keep it in mind.

      I’ll have to see what the $2 theatre has… that would be cheaper than renting maybe something good it out.

      Indiana Jones Boxed set for $30! Now that’s awesome! Perhaps, I need to break those VHS tapes out this weekend!

  3. Susan says:


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