Step in the Right Direction

I’m in a much better mind frame now then when I was just 1.25 hours ago. I made it to the bank, got the letter I needed, had some fees reimbursed, paid a bill that was late (and I didn’t know until last night), found a new (to me) recycling area, called a person that I didn’t want to call but did anyway, ate some chocolate…

Now, I am back at my desk with only my first diet coke of day and despite the drop in temperature, I am ready to run today.

oh… and it helps that I’m up about 20% in my investments! Well, at least right now… that could change but right now… all is good.


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Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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0 Responses to Step in the Right Direction

  1. Susan says:

    I hear ya, I hear ya…

    Lately I have realized (as if I didn’t already know) that I NEED normalcy and structure. I crave it! (and diet coke and chocolate…)

    Maybe the afternoon will be better!

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