The Runs

No this is not going to be another Poop Post, despite the title. Jen gave me a hard time crap (HAHA!) about the run-poop post. I replied with “This is my running blog and that happened while I was running…” Runners, Yeah we’re a little different (Adidas Ad Campaign).

So, I have logged in 4 runs for the year so far. None of them spectacular to say the least. But as I was lamenting that my runs have been lackluster. I did just come off a couple week rest period, plus the blood donation… so I shouldn’t be too upset.

My average pace for these Easy paced runs are the mid 9 minutes, however, having not run for a couple of week in December, the 3-4 miles run have seemed difficult and one occasion I was actually sore the next day. I took Wednesday off and plan to swim today. We received a bunch of rain (thank goodness) and so it’s a tad cooler and the ground is mushier.

I just mapped out a short but aggressive for Susan over at I Run For My Life. She’s going for her 3rd Marathon this March at the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Va. This training program was a little more difficult to construct than the past because she has less time, about 1/2 the time as before and because of the less amount of time, the longer runs are harder to put in the program. Susan is phenomenal about following her training program (it’s wickedly SICK how good she is at getting her miles in) and so we’ve added some elements that are much more technical than her previous programs. We took advice from Matt over at The Dump Runner’s Club on using the Furman First program. My Lovely and Talented Wife is a Furman Alumni (1996) and so it’s kinda cool to use that program. However, the FU First (FU Two Times) program is an 18 week program. Seeing that Susan has 9.5 weeks until marathon day, I had to make some major adjustments to the workouts.

Also another thing she is doing is running with a group for her long runs. This is something different than the last training program. She got to run a few training runs and races with other runners and totally enjoyed it, so her schedule is to match up with the Little Rock Marathon and Half Marathon training group. If you are not already subscribed to her blog and are a runner, I think this is going to be a very interesting training program for her… why? First, she’s run two marathon now… she’s seasoned. She knows what it takes to run one. Her first marathon was an accomplishment and her second one, she bonked. But we learn so much more from our more difficult running experience and so, she has a lot more wisdom about her, as a runner. Hopefully, I haven’t scared her too much (HA!).

Okay… off to swim.

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  1. Good training and happy running Susan! Best of luck in #3! You’ve got the drive for sure!

  2. Susan says:

    I’m honored to be “honored” here!

    I was telling a friend about the training on the way home today. I was telling her how excited I was to hit the trainer harder for a shorter period of time. It will be challenging yet concise. I gave her the analogy that I’d much rather run a steeper hill for a shorter amount of time than a less steep one for a much longer distance. Simply put, I would rather “suffer” for a while, knowingly, then reap the rewards. So I am THRILLED to be doing the FU2!!!!! Ha ha.

    As it is, I can SEE myself joyously trotting down the shore at Virginia Beach. Piece of cake! No bonking allowed!

    Thanks a million for all of your support and guidance.


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