Bird of Prey

When I was in Virginia, there was a wives tale that went around that when you saw a cardinal for the first time, that meant that Spring was just around the corner. Well, here in Tennessee, I have a bird feeder right out side my window and among the frequent visitor is a Mr. Cardinal and a Mrs. Cardinal. So being the beginning of January, I don’t think the Cardinal-Spring adage holds any water.

However, we did get a visitor that as far as I know isn’t the fore bringer of anything seasonal.


The picture was taken with the max Digital Zoom (read: Super Sucky-Suck picture quality) of my P&S Kodak camera. You can tell that he/she has some dinner or rather it was lunch. Talk about a patient bird, this bird hung out in the tree for about an hour before it dropped its meal onto the road. Then a passing car scared it to another tree down the street. When I left work, I noticed the “lunch” on the sidewalk and went to inspect it. I think that it was maybe a dove, pigeon or possible a Sea Gull (Erne if you a crossword fanatic) based on the size of carcass and the feathering.

Here’s the rest of the pictures, none really came out well enough to put up on Flikr…


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