Traveling Highlights

It’s been like a year since I have posted any content. So now, I got quite a bit of stuff to blog about but I don’t want to just dump it in one post. I’ll have to feed you the elephant one spoon at a time.

So when we last left our hero, he was getting ready to pack up his Wild and Crazy Family and head to visit the In-Laws in South Carolina. Not only were the human kids going but we were bringing our furry kid. Typically when we travel, the dog (Skip) gets to go to doggy jail were he gets so excited that they have to give him a sedative so he won’t hurt himself. So, on Saturday 12-22 and ON TIME, we headed out for Carolina: Southside.

****The Travel****

The trip wasn’t all that bad. It was definitely longer because of eating and potty breaks. We ended up eating KFC and trying to take all the breading off to keep the kids Gluten Free… so it was really Gluten reduced. I got an early Christmas present… I was walking Skip at a rest stop when I went over to the “Pet Walk” which is in the much inconvenient place. As I passed by a drain gutter, I noticed President Andrew Jackson look at me from the mouth of the drain. There in plain site and right on the ground was a $20 bill. KA-CHING!

****Lolo & Lola’s House****

Lolo and Lola are Tagalog (Tuh-GOL-ig) for Grandfather and Grandmother. So we kept prefacing that we were going to Lolo & Lola’s house and the kids were so happy that we were finally there. And course so were Mommy and Daddy. From the first time that the kids stepped foot in the house, Lola (very loudly) wanted to get hugs from the kids. The Elder (with sensory and aspergian traits) prefers to scan and acclimate to his new surroundings, then once he is comfortable will show affection with some prodding. The Younger, well, he just loves to hug and get the attention. So while The Elder was trying to avoid getting hugged, The Younger was having blast.

One of the things about Lolo & Lola’s house that fascinated the kids were all the new choking hazards and potential injury play stations. Another thing were the large TVs on the same level of the house. Our biggest TV is around 36″ and downstairs. They had a 42″+ flat screen in the den, plus a 36″ TV in the eating area and then a huge TV in their bedroom. It’s like going to Sam’s and seeing the 3lb bag of M&Ms for the first time. Another “fun” feature for the kids is that the light switchs are lower and easier to operate. Thus Little People can make manual strobe light effects, which doesn’t make the Older People all that happy.

****Skipper Run’s Free****

More on Skip in a minute, but he had the BEST time. Not only did he get plenty of attention, he got a huge amount of exercise. He actually did very well off the leash… I was impressed, but if there were other dogs around, it might not go over so well.


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  1. Susan says:

    An adventure for all!

  2. WOO HOO Relatively uneventful travels make for good visits! And you even got a gutter tip. Lucky dude! Love your descriptions. (we get the manual strobe light effect here regularly)

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