I blinked and half of December is Gone

It’s 8 days until Christmas, why didn’t anyone tell me? Holy St. Nick Batman! I haven’t even seen Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story yet! Actually, I am safe with A Christmas Story, TBS (or is it TNT) will play it for 24 hours straight right before Christmas (Damn, what a great country!).

Saturday we “tried” to make “cookies”. Remember when you were younger less mature, when you thought you’d mess with your Mom and take the labels off all the cans and let her “figure” them out? No? Oh. Well, the equivalent happened to us with our Gingerbread Mix. Seeing that we don’t have a good consistent All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mixture yet, we have had to rely on boxed mixes for our baked goods. The Gingerbread mix that we had was for Spice Cake and if you changed up the recipe you could make it for gingerbread.

The “plan” was to make a batch of Gingerbread mix so the kids could make some gingerbread trains. Then we could make some frosting and the kids could make a huge mess of the kitchen while being hopped up on crack sugar. Apparently, when you open a box of mix, the Box Fairy, will come and remove the most important boxes to orphan the bag of mix, leaving you with a bag of mix. Unless you have a photographic memory, another box just like it or some creative juices, you are stuck with a nice paper weight. However, my secret weapon is My Lovely and Talented Wife and her uncanny ability to play free cell surf the internet for answers to questions that plague us.

She secured us a recipe from the same company of the mix that we were using. However, the amount of stuff “seemed” a little odd, but what do I know? I’m just a buffoon guy and she is the all-knowing hot chick woman, so if I didn’t want to sleep outside, I just better agree with her. It’s always better to have to fix things than try to argue in the beginning, because us guys are better at fixing things.

The batter seemed a little “runny” and at the time, it didn’t seem odd that we had the kids spooning the batter into the train stoneware mold. I was just thinking that the fine details of the train would show up because the more liquid mix would find those small cracks and crevices.

The result, although tasted good, did not turn out very well. Apparently, we made something that was airy like a cake but hardened like cookies. And the there was no way to get the cookies out of the mold. So there was no Christmas Train cookies. But it was fun to make the cookies with the kids. If we were staying in town, I would make some Monster Cookies, because I can make them GF (and really even Casein Free too) but it takes a couple of hours to bake them all, even with our double oven.

Here is My Lovely and Talented Wife’s Account of us “making” “cookies”


I’m thinking about making Reese PB Clone using the White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter. I just have to make sure that we have the ingredients, however, this can be time consuming because of the chocolate dip. However, our Au Pair has brought some delicious peanut butter treats from Brazil that are the equivalent to Naked Reese Peanut Butter Cylinders. So Maybe, I don’t need to worry about the chocolate coating. Maybe I’ll make Peanut Butter Christmas Trains…


I had also wrote about the need for a Casein Free Heavy Cream. Well, I never found a Casein Free Heavy Cream, but I did find Soy Whipped Topping, which was the heaviest thing I couple find. Now, the cookbook that I have, did say that I could use Soy milk and Butter as a substitute for heavy cream. So that might be another disaster experiment to document.


And one final baking note, I did start (but did not finish) a photo-documentary on making my own potato starch. Apparently there IS a difference between Potato Starch and Potato Flour and I have no potato flour. Potato Starch can be made fairly simply with squeeze the crap out of potatoes… definitely a stress relieving activity. I was able to get the starch out the two potatoes that I had but the turned a red color. Not sure why… I didn’t cut myself, no bloody nose or anything.

So, I will probably Buy a bag of potato starch and then try to make my own. I think that I can make my own White Rice Flour with our Vitamix… I think all I need to do is put it in the Vitamix and then grind the Hell out of it.


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0 Responses to I blinked and half of December is Gone

  1. Marianna says:

    You’re just a regular Susie Homemaker! I love that you get so involved in the process of keeping your family healthy… it really warms the heart & makes me think less baffoon-ish of your species. LOL

    7 days til Christmas.


  2. Marianna says:

    Gender, species… tomatoe, tomato… 😛


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