Everyone on the Poop Deck

The Younger has been going through some intestinal strife the past couple days. All of the evidence is that he had some cookies and brownies that had casien in them and his system is having to adjust.


Here is My Lovely and Talented Wife’s account of the 1st incident that happened at Way Too Early in the Morning. And let me comment that The Elder’s “Poop” (you gotta read the post for the reference) was much like the Baby Ruth Scene in CaddyShack “No Big Deal”.

At 6 something in the morning, I’m pretty groggy. We’ve had nothing more than a little early morning nap and The Younger comes to the bed side. I’m thinking why can’t you sleep in this morning, to at least 7am… come on! We were just up, 3 hours ago.

The next thing I hear is the loudest gurgling sound bellowing from the lower realm of The Younger. In 0.897 seconds, I am awake and halfway out of bed. I grab The Younger in the This-Kid-Is-About-To-Explode hold, my hands on his waste and my arms out as far as possible. I am awaiting for the mudslide to start dripping from the foot hole of his pajamas as I move very quickly but without jostling him to the bathtub. I trying not to “rock the boat” and have more spillage. After all, we had our mini-steam cleaner out at 3am in the morning working on the carpet.

Thankfully, the diaper was able to maintain containment and there was little biohazard mess to clean up. But I was now wide awake with no chance of going back to bed.

For the rest of the day, The Younger’s subsequent blowouts were less in volume but still high in the noise and smell factor. Poor guy. He did sleep through the night and he didn’t have a poop this morning. So hopefully he’s on “Empty” in the Massive Poop Department.


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0 Responses to Everyone on the Poop Deck

  1. Susan says:

    Your poor household! Bless your hearts.

  2. Hallie says:

    I am SOOOO glad that my 18 year old and 14 year old can take care of their own “issues.” I do NOT miss those moments, AT ALL!!


  3. Marianna says:

    Oh man… my condolences… LOL


  4. Leesa says:

    Ok, even though it’s not funny… I had to laugh at Colon Blow, and the image of you carrying him with your arms outstretched, running to the tub 🙂

  5. ShirleyPerly says:

    Poor lil’ guy! You’re description cracked me up, though, as I sit here at jury duty waiting to see if I’ll ever get called. People are probably wondering why I’ve got a smile on my face (no one else seems to be smiling).

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