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071204stella4I’ve had Stella for about a year now and would really like to give her an upgrade, not only to increase her output but also her functionality. I have been using her straight out of the box with the equipment that she has had, but now I want to make her bigger and better. Kind like give her a technological face lift or boob job but with all the cutting and saline implants.

071204stella3Right now, Stella comes with the Kit Lens (EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Lens) which a general use lens, nothing too great, nothing too bad. But I am limited in my ability to take upclose/macro pictures as well as distant pictures. Typically, the most you pay for a lens the better the lens. It might be lens quality (material, etc) or performance (such as a macro lens or a huge mofo lens like you see at sporting games). Some lens require very less light to take a great picture, or some have great Zooooooom.

I have heard good things about the Sigma 18-200mm lens as a pretty functional lens that I could use without having to switch lens often.
071204stella1There are lots of different flashes out there… some that are handheld that fire remotely. Or others that are in shiny umbrellas like at portrait places, but I was thinking about a mounting flash. I read that Speedlite is the most recognized brand, but I don’t know if that is the best that’s out there and what type of features I would need/want

Fashion Accessories
071204stella2Filters: Not sure which filters would be th best for me to get, because I want to protect the lens plus enhance the light. I know that different filters do different things, but for an all around filter do I want a UV Haze filter or a polarized filter or what?071204stella5

Lens Hood: I know that I need one. They are used to block light coming in from the side of the lens, this means that the light from the object being photographed has more input into the picture. My Canon AV-1 (35mm) has a collapsable rubber hood, but thought I would check to see.

So what recommendations do you out there on the internet have for me to save up my “nickies and pennles”?

Other Stuff

071204stella6Fancy Umbrella Lights

071204stella8Remote Control

071204stella7Wireless Flash Trigger

071204stella9Backpack to carry everything


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0 Responses to Camera Help

  1. Marianna says:

    I think you’re using buying a new camera as an excuse to buy what you REALLY want ~ a bag! LMAO!


  2. Leesa says:

    I use Sigma lenses alot, since they’re cheaper than buying Canon everytime. They’re good lenses and the 200mm is pretty universal.

    I have a remote and I LOVE It.

    I have a pretty crummy flash and need to get a new one, since I don’t use one much. So I have no advice there.

    I have filters for all my lenses too. I’d rather scratch a $30 filter than a $300 lens. Mostly I just use polarizing filters. Haven’t gotten really fancy in that area.

    I also have the backpack. I find it easier to carry than the shoulder bags. When you start adding new lenses and attachements, that bag gets pretty heavy.

    The lens hood comes in handy on really bright sunny days, helps reduce flair.

    Did I forget anything?

    Oh and if you can get or have a 50mm lens. It’s AWESOME.

  3. Leesa says:

    Erm.. reduce GLARE.

  4. Pete says:

    As I revall I used a 1A filter (check the FTBN) for protection and because it was more natural. Just a thought.

  5. Susan says:

    I am clueless. But good luck!

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