More Brains

As My Lovely and Talented Wife becomes a Free Cell Queen, I have found a new MAN game.

And when I say Man game, I mean a real man game. First of all it has Zombies… lots of them. And there’s guns… lots of those too. And there is shooting… oh, yeah, lots of that too.

The game is called “Endless Zombie Rampage“. Come on, how much more Manly can you get than that? Okay, maybe if there was Football involved and all the zombies were Playboy models. (which, would be an ironic since the favorite zombie quote is “More Brains”, as if playboy models had any to get “more”; they would be saying “Some brains”) Great, all the Playboy models with PhDs are now going to flame me, which is great as long as you include signed pictures say “We Love you Terry!”

Huge Digression there… back to killing Zombies. The game is called “Endless Zombie Rampage” and is pretty fun. Here’s a screen shot of the game:


okay, so I didn’t do to well. I’m sticking with my day job. I just lowered my IQ by 10 points.


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0 Responses to More Brains

  1. Susan says:

    Oh-oh — Mr. C will love this!

  2. DPeach says:

    The game moved too slow for. I went through several levels and was not progressing fast enough.

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