The Choice of 2 Evils

Last night after my run, I was out completing errands and I was torn between Starbucks and Taco Bell on what to eat. Taco Bell is the easiest Fast Food Place to get Gluten Free food (Reg. Taco) and it has a little bit of casein with the cheese, unless it’s like the McDonald’s plastic cheese. On the other hand, I was cold and I wanted something warm for my insides. Starbucks can be Casein Free if you order with soy milk. However, there has been doom and gloom about how bad for you Taco Bell is and how many calories the Starbucks Coffees have… so let’s compare:

Think Out Side the Gluten – Taco Bell.

Here is the 3 Reg. Taco Combo with Diet Pepsi:


Here’s Your Coffee Mortgage – Starbucks.

Here is the Soy Caramel Latte Grande:

Huh… I chose well better with the Starbucks. Although the Starbucks has quite a bit more sugar, I had just run so that my internal furnace would burn that a little faster. The Starbucks had a fraction of the fat, nearly no Sat. Fat and no Trans Fat. The Sodium is LOT less. Not as much fiber and not as much of the vitamins listed. The only thing that the Taco Bell has going for it is the protein which would help me with muscle repair. Oh, and the Starbucks had no cholesterol, something I need to monitor.

Also, there was negligible price difference between the two.

As my The Younger might say about Fast Food: “skeerwy”


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