Not lacking Motivation, lacking Focus

I’m sitting here at work, at little aloof on what I need to do or what I need to focus on. There’s an hour before the Stock Market closes, so there’s not much to do in that arena, I’ve blown an hour surfing on StumbleUpon – only to find a few funny things and no real content. My email is slow today. I figured that if I concentrated on something here that would jumpstart me and send me off into the right orbit – the orbit of productivity.

Today at lunchtime I ran a speed interval in preparation for Sunday’s 5k race. I wanted to see how well I could handle the rigors of speed especially since I had such a good pace for Autumnfest. I ran a fast 1st mile, then a recovery 1/2 mile, a speed 1/2 mile, repeat and then a cool down mile. Seeing that I don’t have a lot of time to really work on speed, I’ll take what I can get.

In my first 1/2 mile, I got a PR for that distance. Technically, I keep track of my PR time for less than a mile in meters since it’s a little more accurate to monitor this on a track than out on the street. However, I am very familiar with my Gmap course of my Market Square Fab 4 miler, so I clocked my 1/2 mile time at 3:12.09. My current 800 meter PR time is 3:13.99 and since 800meters is only 0.497 miles, I can conclude that my time for the 800 meters on the 1/2 course is faster than 3:13.99. I will use the 1/2 mile time for my 800 meter time, since “technically” none of it certified, other than I said so (and so I say it). Oh, let me make that more official sounding. By the power granted to me by myself, the time ran by Terry on this the 26th day of November in the year 2007 of 3:12.09 say now be set as the new personal record for the 800 meter distance in Terry’s personal log book.

Although I have a good amount of speed right now, it will have to be a in-race decision on whether to attempt to break my current 5k PR time of 21:56, yet another 6 year record. I’m not quite as confident that I could break this record, as I am still in the “endurance” phase of training more than the “speed” phase. Plus, the course isn’t PR friendly. However, I know that I could get something under 23 minutes. So we’ll see.


Last night, we watched the movie Amazing Grace which is about William Wilberforce (no, a real guy) a Parliament (not George Clinton Parliament) member in late 18th century, early 19th century that through his passion was able to abolish slavery in England. The reference to Amazing Grace (The Song) is that it was written by the captain of a slave ship who witnessed the atrocities of his trade, repented and later used his knowledge to help Wilberforce. It wasn’t action packed, all the dying was from illnesses and it’s not a chick-flick (although one couple does fall in love and marry) but it’s a clever portrayal of political activists and political passions.


yeah, I don’t have much today…

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  1. Susan says:

    WOW – that is superfast! PR a go-go!

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