Dumpster Diving V

My Lovely and Talented Wife had a customer at house on Saturday Morning, so I took the kids out for a few errands. One of the places was the Recycling Facility where I drop off my cardboard and mixed paper. It was pretty busy when I arrived, I had to combat park the minivan among the others so that I could unload.

I was talking to my brother at the time and telling him that I was on a roll with Coke Reward Points when I recycled. Last 3 times that I was here, I have scored a few codes from people’s trash. I had made the comment that it didn’t look good today, they had recently dumped the mixed paper container at it looked practically empty.

Practically empty except the mound of broken down soda boxes, all within arm’s reach.

I racked up good on Saturday!

My previous Highest number of codes had been 4, on Saturday it was 9!!!

So, what does this mean? This means that this week’s “Guess My Finishing Time” is going to be a GOOD prize!

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0 Responses to Dumpster Diving V

  1. Michael says:

    Wow, 9 codes! That is a good haul… I wonder, are there *other* recycling points near where you live? You could seriously increase your odds by hitting multiple sites! 😉

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