Baby Got Math

I was wandering around StumbleUpon today and I discovered a simple site that I found quite interesting because it mashed two things that I like in an unexpected way. Mathematics and Rap/Hip Hop. That’s what I said too…

I didn’t pay attention as I was reading the graphs the first time, I thought it was a humor site with graphs like this:


but then I saw this one which is an obvious reference to the Beastie Boys Song, “3 MCs & 1 DJ”


So, the first one is Notorious B.I.G. “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems”. It was then that I noticed that the graphs were links and it would take you to YouTube and show you the music video.

I’m not all too much into the Rap scene now, I am much more of an Old School Rap (80s) and Hip Hop (early 90s) fan and so here are some of the ones that I liked. The ones here are crossovers to the Top 40 (of the time) and are well known. To make it “Fun” I added the answers in “Inviso-text” underneath the picture. To reveal the answer select the line just underneath and the answer will appear. Spooky, huh?


Dr. Dre ft Snoop Doggy Dogg “Nuthin’ But A G Thang”

MC Hammer “You Can’t Touch This”

Sir Mix A Lot “Baby Got Back”


Digital Underground “Humpty Dance”

I didn’t know this one, but I thought it was a nice use of some higher mathematics to describe a world where obscure mathematics will get you style points. Think about it, the number 4 is often pronounced “Fo’ ” and the number 92 is really whackity whack as you pronounce it “Nine Deuce”, the number 22 is “Double Deuce” and any other number ending in the number 2 gets the word “deuce” added to it. Why? Beats me, guess it makes you a little more scholarly among your gang. But you don’t want to learn too much now, you don’t want your skill of operating your Tek-9 or cranium cracking ability to wane because you can now take the second derivative derivative deuce of 2x4dx.


Souls of Mischief – ’93 til Infinity

and I will include this last one which is a General Music Variety of a bunch of different Genres once I “got it” I thought it was pretty cool!


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0 Responses to Baby Got Math

  1. LATW says:

    I feel like a nerd because I laughed (and liked) this post.

  2. ShirleyPerly says:

    Now THAT is really geeky but COOL 🙂

  3. DPeach says:

    I like, and understand, math. None of this makes sense to me.

    Maybe I need to expand my musical horizons. Then again, maybe not.

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