Dumpster Diving pt 4

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a Rights Workshop for Tennessee and Special Needs Children, but the place that was supposed to hold the event was locked and the lights were off. I had changed my plans, or actually didn’t make any plans for Thursday since it the workshop was listed for 3 hours.

One aspect of people with Aspergers is that they function best with strict schedule and a set routine. I’m high enough functioning that I can recover from a change of plans, without having a meltdown. You try to tell The Elder a change is happening immediately that is against ‘The schedule’ and expect a meltdown. However, give him a 1 minute transition warning and it’s usually much smoother.

So after 30 minutes in the parking lot, I decided that no one was coming and so now what do I do? On Terry Thursdays, I make a schedule broken down in 15 increments. And it’s not that I actually follow the schedule exactly, it’s that it’s there in front of me and there is security in that. If it needs to be changed, I have the ultimate authority to change it at my whim… and that’s perfectly fine. But now, someone else has totally eradicated what I was supposed to do for Thursday. I was in a state of paralysis, “what do I do next?”

I knew that I had to drive back to Knoxville, I was currently in Oak Ridge (about 20 minutes away). So while I drove back, I was able to come up with a loose plan of going to the Recycle Facility (I had the trunk full of cardboard and mixed paper) and the to maybe Wal-mart and perhaps to Panera Bread to regroup.

By the time that I made it to the Recycle Facility, I was okay again. It’s like I was back on track and could think again about stuff that I needed to do while I was out.

I almost thought that my streak of finding My Coke Reward points was going to be broken. There were no empty soda boxes in the Mixed Paper bin. And as much as Marianna thinks that I get inside the container to scavenge for points, I don’t. Oh wait, I was waist deep in the container briefly because I was tossing the mixed paper and I lost my grip on the plastic bag and it slid inside. I could hear the recycling gods start to exhibit their anger that I, a mere mortal, had mixed paper and plastic. Blasphemer!

Just when I thought I would be writing this blog entry with words such as “didn’t find any points” or “there was nothing of value this time”, that’s when I saw something gleaming from the larger Cardboard Container. It was a Mello Yello box, flatten down with all the care of an OCD soda drinker/ cardboard recycler. I smelled smoke. Pilfering through the other box carcasses, I found another Mello Yello and then, I struck gold, a Coke box. But it didn’t have the tab that the points. Grrrr, Fools Gold.

“Thoughts become Things” (Think and Grown Rich, Hill) Withjust a little more shuffling, I found it! The streak was still alive! HA! A Refrigerator Pack worth 10 points (as long as they hadn’t already redeemed them). Then I found another. and another and another. FOUR codes! *fist pump* YEAH!

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0 Responses to Dumpster Diving pt 4

  1. Marianna says:

    You have serious, deep-routed issues, my friend. I’ll send a support group your way… LMAO!!!!


  2. Marianna says:

    Did my 2nd comment get swallowed?


  3. LATW says:

    I tried to get some at church this morning but someone had already gone before me and took the points off the boxes. Wait….that might have been me. You’re a bad influence.

  4. Susan says:

    I have similar issues… but I only generally get worked up when MY HUSBAND changes my plans. HA! I get soooo mad — then relaize shortly thereafter that it’s not the end of the world.

    I am a scheduled, list-maker. What can I say?

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