Lost Keys and Places to Pee

Musical Keys
Friday Night My Lovely and Talented Wife went to go see Hairspray at the $2 Movie Theater. Seeing that I was involved in Theater in both High School and College, working on musicals here and there, I have to say that I liked the movie.


Set in 1962, it’s a high energy musical about something very serious, segregation and integration. But it’s high energy, funny and enjoyable. I was thinking how the soundtrack had some good tempo running songs.

I think I’ve kind of been in a bubble… thinking that fairness was gonna just happen. It’s not. People like me are gonna have to get up off their fathers’ laps and go out and fight for it. – Tracy Turnblad

Well, unbeknownst to me, I dropped my car key somewhere in the theater. I had carried the Civic key with m even though we took the Saturn Aura to the movies. I didn’t realize it was missing until Saturday when Cris wanted to use the car and I couldn’t find it right away. After some sleuthing, I realized that I probably had lost it somewhere near the movie theater.

I took The Elder on an excursion adventure to the Movie Theater in hopes that my key was checking out the Sunday matinée of Underdog. Well, it wasn’t because the movie projector for Underdog was broken, but my key was there! So, score one for the niceness of others! It was turned in Friday night, safe and sound.

My Lovely and Talented Wife said “I wonder if they questioned how the person who lost their key got home”

The Big Blue Potty

Also on our excursion yesterday, I had to go to Kohls to redeem a coupon that we didn’t use at checkout. It ended up being in our favor, but it took a few iterations to get the prices worked out correctly. As The Elder and I were walking through the parking lot, he stopped on the painted handicap symbol on the parking lot, a big blue (3 ft x 3ft) square with the universal picture of a person in a wheelchair.

The Elder is in the middle of the sign, looks down at the symbol, puts his hands on his waist and asks, “Daddy, can I go to the bathroom here?”

“Wha? No. No. No.” I rapidly replied, finally figuring out exactly what he was doing. He hasn’t quite figured out the whole public urination concept yet. The other day, he had his pants moving down his waist as he was going toward a tree in the church parking lot during our annual Trunk or Treat event.


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0 Responses to Lost Keys and Places to Pee

  1. Marianna says:

    OMG your child is priceless!!

    And thank God you found your key! That’s a good day. I wouldn’t have been so lucky… LOL


  2. Junior Johnson says:

    I am rolling on the floor here laughing at the eric story….sounds like he will be the first one in the frat house to write his name in the snow.

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