I am now eligible for the higher amount ($150) of phone upgrade from Sprint. I posted a blog about how sucky the website was being and it wouldn’t show me phones for me. Well, you can classify the website in the “Things I STILL don’t like”. The website was not working… a NATIONAL OUTRAGE I tell you!

I pondered whether there was a different way to check out the cameras that I could get. I thought, “Hmmmm, what about the main phone page?”. Sho’nuff. I was able to see phones that they were compatible with my zipcode and here are some of the phones that I can upgrade to… and I am wondering if anyone had good or bad experiences with these phones.



071102camera1 071102camera2 071102camera3 071103ph_classic 071105hairspray 071108chick 071109weather



071113race 071113splits 071115chimney 071115rap1 071115rap2 071115rap3 071115rap4 071115rap5 071115rap6 071115rap7 071115rap8 071119choc 071119heidi 071120marapix 071120prize1 071121bridge 071129helper1 071129helper2 071130coke 071130elijah 071130starbucks 071130tacobell



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  1. I’m a big fan of CNET’s cell phone reviews; generally speaking I’ve found them to be pretty spot-on when you’re phone browsing.

  2. I find it adorable that you include the pink ones in your list! 🙂 I sadly can’t weigh in on them. I’m w/ sprint too but we have a *gasp* No camera phone since Andy used to borrow mine alot and couldn’t have photographic devices below deck on the sub. However, a friend has the katana and loves it. Everyone I know with the razr hates it. I think it’s cool! I can say that my little pink dinosaur is a samsung and that baby has weathered more drops and falls and scratches and kid damage and is still going strong. So I’d say the samsungs are pretty sturdy devices.

  3. Michael says:

    I’m thinking about replacing my smartphone with a Katana. I’ve heard good things about them and Sanyo has a great reputation for signal strength and reliability among people I’ve talked to about them.

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