Four Score and 143 miles ago

(That’s 213 miles for those Mathematically Challenged) I received my latest Symmetry Running Shoe. Through the Grandfather of the Running podcast, Runcast Weekly, I discovered Vitruvian Running Shoes.
060113vitr1A small shoe company that make the bare bones shoes for a barebone price. I tried out their model that was appropriate for my running style and *poof* I had a new running shoe. The Symmetry is a great training shoe, but even worked for me in my Knoxville Marathon in 2006. I keep an expired pair in my trunk, just in case of that casual running excursion presents itself, I can be a Boy Scout (although i never was one) and “Be Prepared”

So, right now, my shoe situation is reaching a *warning* level and it’s time for me to purchase some new shoes. Most running shoes should last around 300-400 miles or so. Not for me… at about 200 miles, they are worn down to the point that my stride becomes lengthened (due to heel wear) and can expose me to injury. Thus in my Buckeye Outdoor Account and my Super Geekie Excel Spreadsheet Tracking File, when it reach 200 miles I get the “Time to Retire” warning sign.

So I am in that “Zone” now. I probably will go ahead and get another pair of Symmetry, I mean, how can I beat the price tag of $30? That’s as expensive as the Big South Fork Race, or 1/3 of the price of the Boston Marathon. Now, I do buy name brand shoes, but only when I find them on clearance or for a special deal. Right now I have an Asics GT2110 that has been a great pair of shoes, but I would like pick up a New Balance series that is inexpensive but not a cheap shoes. I *heart* the New Balance 714 (circa 2001) but now I don’t even know if it’d be right for me (probably so) for this year’s model (yes, running shoes have year models just like cars – Marketeers… sheesh).

So another Symmetry for now. I have to write a number on the shoes so that I know which shoe is which and not mix them up.


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  1. *boggle* Too many numbers, too many numbers!!! Quite interesting and persevering…the way you managed your 20+ run. Your reasoning is a fun read too!

    New shoes…fun fun! Hate NB’s, but shoe shopping is cool!

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