The World Wide Half Marathon

The Time Is Now! It’s the time When The World Runs Together. This weekend is the official Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon and Kick the Couch 5k. The official race starts at 0000 UTC 2007 OCT 13 (which is 8pm Eastern). At the time that I type this, there are 1153 entrants, last year we had just over 500!! What is this world coming to?

Part of the entire experience of the World Wide Half Marathon and now the Kick the Couch 5k is an episode of Phedippidations called Cheers from the World. It’s an episode of people Cheering from all over the world, what did you expect? No, it’s a collection of audio clips of runners, runner’s family members encouraging everyone running these two races.

If you’ve never ran a race before, there is transfer of energy from the crowd to the racers, sometimes it’s negative (even though the spectators are well meaning) and most of the time it’s positive. Especially late in a marathon when the will to finish is dwindling, encouraging spectators whether they are cheering for you or runners in general can make all the difference!

If you aren’t subscribed to the Phedippidations podcast (which you should be), I would encourage you to download Episode 118 Cheers from the World and Episode 65 Shouts of Encouragement. Both episodes will infuse your brain with positive thoughts and encouragement. You might even be more motivated. Not to worry, there’s no subliminal messages in the audio RUN but you might MARATHONS find your motivation level a little higher.

So to all the runners participating in the WWH and KtC5k, congratulations! I look forward to hearing your race reports. As for me, I’m not running. Just Kidding. Being a race director, I can make changes to the rules at will. Of course, Our take at the WWH World HeadQuarter is “We don’t no stinkin’ rules”. Anyway… I’m running my World Wide Half with a stroller. That’s right I’m taking a Freakin’ stroller on my World Wide Course! Ha… in your face liability statements. And, I’m not running with just a wimpy single stroller… I’m taking the Mambo Jamba Double Stroller. That’s right! I’m taking The Elder and The Younger on their first World Wide (Stroller) Half Marathon. I guessing that my World Wide Half overall time won’t be that great, but I’m not in it for the time, I am in it for the experience.

Here’s my WWH Course… I had a little fist fight with Gmap-Pedometer… I did all my clicky-clicky and it told me that I had some SQL problems and that it would display. Technology Bites. Anyway… I did my old 2003 method of “Print Screen, Print Screen, Print Screen, Print Screen, CROP, Layer, Layer, Layer, Layer, Flatten” but in the process I add some text to highlight some of the key points. The only thing I didn’t include was the Kodak Spots for your picture taking convenience.

Clickie to make Biggie

So where are you running?

Note: And I am anticipating a quick turnaround for an episode of Gravity@1053′ (that podcast that I do every 6 weeks or so)


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  1. Good luck to everyone running the WWH and Kick the Couch 5k this weekend! If I hadn’t vowed to strictly stick to program from here on out, I’d do 13.1 sunday. But the Pheddip team and all the runners will be getting a big cheer from A2 this weekend!

  2. darrell says:

    Some how I never got around to registering this year, but I did run 14 miles in the Santa Ana Mountains, up Horsethief Trail, across Main Divide and back down Holy Jim Trail, in a gently rain/mist. It was fun.

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