Dumpster Diving Revisited

OKay, so I did a little more dumpster diving yesterday and it was for coke reward points. During Terry Day (Thursdays), I typically have a bunch of errands that I want and need to do. Recycling Mixed Paper and Cardboard (which isn’t picked up curbside) is one of them, because it can pile up quite a bit.

So, while I was at the mixed paper bin, I was checking out what people were recycling. Nothing of real interest. What I think is funny and laugh at myself is when I throw stuff in there and go back for more stuff… I think to myself “Hey, we have had that at our house.” Then I realize, “Duh, that was stuff I just threw in there.” *crickets*

Anyway, I saw that someone had thrown away some soda boxes but most had the tabs (that have the point codes) ripped off. But there was one, in the middle that had the code tab still securely fastened. I thought to myself that if I could reach it, that I would get the code, but I would not go out of my way to get the code (that would be a little wierd, ehhhh, not really).

I was able to get the box and ripped off the code tab. One text message later and I had 10 more points. BOO-YAH!


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0 Responses to Dumpster Diving Revisited

  1. Marianna says:

    Ok, you’re pushing the limits of dumpster diving, Mister. Get your hands outa the trash!


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