This thing can command the shuttle

One of my canned humor quips on highly technical items is that it can Microwave your Popcorn and Can Command the Space Shuttle. Thank goodness that I have a day job, right?

Here’s a different type of Shuttle. This post is about a bag. Not about a bag for me, but I am branching out, taking a deep breath and blogging about a bag for someone else, My Lovely and Talented Wife.

Okay, she is having a dilemma about a laptop bag. She wants some girlie, but practical. Something that she can take to a cafe, set on the table, work and then close everything up. But apart from being practical, it needs to be easy to handle with enough space for her crap cables and such. It’s actually her quest for the Ultimate laptop bag that began the inadvertent Backpack post and then the subsequent Man Bag post.

So what do you think of the Shuttle? Look good, ehhh or horrible? Any suggestions on brands to look at or stay away from? Curious Minds what to know…



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0 Responses to This thing can command the shuttle

  1. DPeach says:

    I would just say that it needs to have plenty of air circulation if she is going to leave the computer in the bag while working. It is a nice looking bag though.

  2. Petra says:

    OK you could have just sent me an e-mail. When it comes to bags I’m your gal. Start here and let me know what you think. More where that came from!

  3. marathonchris says:

    My only concern about those slim laptop sized bags is that there isn’t enough room for all the “stuff.” I typically also have in my bag: spare net cable, power supply (big thing), 4 port USB hub, small portable mouse, cable for iPod, and cable for blackberry. Then if you bring any files or paper you need to carry that. I ended up with a very light weight laptop and a medium sized computer bag with wheels. I tried the backpack but was too bulky and heavy.

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