You Say Tomato

I was chatting with My Lovely and Talented wife this afternoon and she made the comment that she could eat crackers for every meal. Now, because of our Gluten Free household, most chips and crackers are on the “Can’t Eat” list. Here are some examples:

Fritos – all fried corn: Okay

Pretzels – Flour Power man: Pass

Pringles – Has Flour listed as ingredient: Pass

Tortilla Chips – Corny: Okay

Now, they do make certified Gluten Free crackers. These would be crackers that have no Gluten ingredients AND is processed in a facility that is free from Gluten ingredients. This is much like peanut allergy certifications. If you look at the back of Plain M&Ms (and trust me… I do) you will see some disclaimer for those with Peanut allergies: Processed in a facility that has Nuts. Whether the comment is about employment, I’ll never know. But the same it true for the Gluten Free certification. Because just like peanut allergies, a speck of Gluten to someone with Celiac Disease is enough.

So, we have two favorites right now.

070906cracker1 and 070906cracker2

Nut-Thins is an almond based nut and rice crackers. They are very crisp and have a great taste. These are really, you can’t eat just one.

Mary Gone Crackers is a “almost” everything Free cracker, except on taste! They are even certified Kosher!

So, our conversation was something to the effect that she could have crackers at every meal and although these crackers are more expensive (and they are) but they are much healthier because of the ingredients and cooking method. She then went to say that the toppings that she put on them, negated the healthiness of the cracker. We then got into a discussion that Cream Cheese, is good for you (some how) and that the Pepper Jelly has vegetables in the solidified sea of sugar gelatin.

But wait… is a pepper a fruit or a vegetable? We couldn’t decide. Tomato is a fruit. But it comes from a vine or is it really a stalk? A pepper comes from a stalk (I am growing 2 Jalepeno pepper plants right now), so is a Pepper a fruit? But Pumpkins come from a vine and have seeds, but they are a vegetable right? Well, pumpkins makes a mighty fine dessert at Thanskgiving, so can I consider pumpkin a Fruit Pie or a serving of vegetables? Man, that would be awesome.

So almighty internet… what doest thou say… Is thy pepper a fruit or a vegetable… I await thy answer oh exalted one!


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0 Responses to You Say Tomato

  1. Leesa says:

    I really didn’t want to think this much today.

  2. Stacie says:

    I say it’s a veggie. Something about the seeds that make the classification, but I can’t remember the rules. I still say veggie though…

  3. Marianna says:

    Ok, I see my comment didn’t stick. Dammit. I have no clue what I wrote now… lol


  4. sam says:

    I am now on the search for the blue diamond crackers. Dangit, how many times can one go to Meijer and Whole Foods in a week? Andy will kill me if I ask him to stop at the grocery store for one more thing. He doesn’t do the store.

    Peppers? Veggie for sure despite the sweetness. LOVE making hot pepper jelly with the italian sweet red peppers super yummy. Love me some pickled veggies too. (try jarring squash, zucchini and an assortment of peppers. They make a great addition/topping to any meal or snack).

    Pumpkin? I don’t know. All I know is I eat it all the time. In fact, I made a yummy treat w/ it last night using bran cereal and fat free coolwhip.

    Sounds like your quest for gluten free foods is leading to quite some great discoveries!

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