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Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports are extremely popular. You get to be a virtual manager in hypothetical teams… you select players to your team and those player’s performances determine how your team does for that week. You can trade players, bench them, pick … Continue reading

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Photo Hunters: Two

This Week’s Theme: Two Here’s my week’s submission for “Two” which I grudging picked out from all the ones that I thought I could use for two. Two Windows (and 2 shutters)… BORING! But here it is. Well, during my … Continue reading

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The Calm before The Race

DON’T FORGET: MAKE A PREDICTION, WIN STUFF (maybe) It’s less than 24 hours before the Scholar’s Run and a calm has settled in. This will last until I wake up in the morning. Hopefully, when I wake up it: 1)Won’t … Continue reading

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Still Photography in Motion

Ever wonder how great action shots of athletes in motion are taken? Here is a link that I found from the superb Photography Website STROBIST photographer props: Chase Jarvis

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Let's Go Runners… Let's Go Runners…

Before the NHL tried to commit suicide by canceling the season and then moving to the Versus TV network, I was a enthusiastic hockey fan. I had become interested in following hockey as my suite mate my Junior year in … Continue reading

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Jott Makes Me Laugh

“Sam’s Kevin Quain quarter zip sweater 2144.” translated: “Sam’s Calvin Klein Quarter Zip Sweater $21.44”

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For My Fellow Bag Lovers

Over at LifeHacker: Show Us Your Go Bag Part 1

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El Presidente

[ed. I FINALLY got this post out, because of some technological difficulty… with all things, my butt picture. But, I just had to show you my butt!] On Friday (July 20th) of our trip to Dallas, I engaged in some … Continue reading

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And he shall rest

As I mentioned in the “Tuesday” section of Yesterday’s So Far post, I took today off from actively running but did spend some time at the pool writing the outline for Episode 15, which, if the podcasting deities smile on … Continue reading

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Versus the marathon

It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.~Richard M. DeVos~ That Quote came to my email from Pam of Pam & Bill fame who used to … Continue reading

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