Getting one out

I have about 15 minutes to get something out before the weekend. Dang… I might not even have a photo hunters for Saturday. Well the them is “dirty” and well… I got that one covered! Minds out the gutter please.

So yesterday was a 2-fer on the running scene… in a “Damn! Fall is great!” turn of events, my running environment went from 92F and 60% humidity to 73F and 100% humidity. It was a cool(er) and lightly raining day at lunch time for a 5 mile run on my Back to the Tracks course. I ended up with a 9:11 mile pace and had to keep telling myself to Slow Down, Slow Down! So that was the first part.

The next part was a 6 mile run with Soon-To-Be-Dr. David. We went out on 3rd Creek Greenway for an out and back course. I was a little wound-up during the run and kept going on rants on just about everything! You named it, I was bitching about it. Anyway, we ended with a nice 9:29 pace for the run. After the run, we chatted for about 15 minutes while I got some fuel in my body. I then headed BACK out for another 4 miles on the James White Greenway.

The last 4 miles were really good. The first mile was fast at 8:58 and the next 2 miles were consistent at 9:24 each mile. The last mile was a little slower at 9:51 BUT it was up the Lake Loudon Hill and so it was actually a lot faster. So, the total for the day was 15 miles in 2:20:26 (although not consecutively) looking into the Online Crystal Ball Running Calculator that estimates a 4:16 marathon, 3 minutes faster than my previous estimation of 4:19. Now, I am putting in my actual performance times here, but in reality, I am training for a 4 hr marathon, there is a slight difference (dissertation at 11).

That’s it… I am off to enjoy the US holiday. Lots of stuff planned. Pete (my stepdad) turns old this weekend (Sept) actually, I am not sure how old he is because we don’t have that many numbers and THE super fabulous Uncle Chris takes one step closer to middle age on Monday, so give me a hand at giving these fine blokes some Birthday Wishes.

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0 Responses to Getting one out

  1. Marianna says:

    Happy Bday wishes & Happy Labor Day!


  2. ekpeach says:

    You and David makes a good pair. Running all the time and then talking about everything. I am just trying to get in the habit of walking. Anyway, happy birthday and when you get to be 66 then you know that you have arrived. Hope you are still running then. BTW I am David’s dad.

  3. darrell says:

    That’s some crazy running for a single day! Those bags are seriously aggressive. How will you ever chose?

  4. sam says:

    Have a fun and festive weekend with all thats going on!

    That running sounds…well, a bit intense. Good for you!

  5. Stacie says:

    Happy Birthday Pete!
    Happy Birthday Uncle Cris!

    Wow can run and talk at the same time? I can barely jog and sing at the same time…come to think of it…I don’t talk and walk so well either…um…nevermind…

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