The (Extra) Sunday Run

The weekend was going to be a little different than normal. My Lovely and Talented Wife was going to work a bride show on Sunday, so that meant that the boys would be up to no good on their own.

The plan for Sunday was to go to Church, come home, eat lunch, nap The Younger, then go out to 3rd Creek. Everything, for some reason, seemed to click together. We got back from church, had lunch and tried to get The Younger to sleep. Finally, I was able to get him down at 1:30, a whole 30 minutes late, ugh. Oh well, time to pack the van so we’ll be ready to go.

By 2:30, I had the van packed. It’s really amazing that we can will take the time to complete a task in the time that we have. Think about it. A friend calls you and says, I will be there in 20 minutes. In 20 minutes, most of the clutter will be cleaned. Perhaps, hidden, but out of view and somewhat tidy. The same friend calls and says they will be there in an hour and the same clutter takes an hour to move. But now, I am watching the clock.

I actually broke down and sat in front of the TV to pass time. Of course, I did the male thing and surfer quickly through the channels, stopping only at the History Channel to watch about a bloody battle between the Spartans and Greek. Hand to hand combat, beheading and military prowlness… had me sucked in. I realized that it was 3pm when the show ended and I was very anxious. Sure enough The Younger was fast asleep, but like sticking your head in the mouth of a hungry crocodile, I woke him up.

Luckily, it was a good sleep and he was only mildly cranky. I yelled “REGULATORS!”and russled the troops to the Van. Somehow, that only took 7 minutes… and we were on our way.

The Plan: To transport the kids to Tyson Park via the 3rd Creek Greenway in our Double Stroller.

The Course: A oneway, 2.6 mile hilly and curvy asphalt path called the 3rd Creek Greenway.

The Weather: 93F

Man, it was hot and was out there, the humidity was slightly lower which helped. Now, The Elder’s Special Interest is trains. The 3rd Creek Greenway, parallels next to 3rd Creek. Here in Knoxville, the creeks that dump into the Tennessee River are numbered (1st Creek, 2nd Creek, 3rd Creek, etc.). In addition to having a greenway parallel the creek, so does a railway and sure enough, we say a train right as we started.

Since 3rd Creek meanders around, the Greenway crosses over the creek a couple of times which means BRIDGES! and it crosses underneath the train tracks once and that means TUNNELS!

Running with the kids wasn’t all that bad, sure there was some steep (but small) hills to negotiate and there were also come curvy paths, but the cyclists and other runners made sure that I knew where they were, which I very much appreciated.

I must say that the CamelBak that Petra sent me was a Godsend! I could hydrate on the fly and pushing an extra 100+ lbs made the journey a little easier. Of course, it was nothing that Team Hoyt couldn’t handle though. If you don’t know who Team Hoyt is, Search for their video on YouTube… you’ll enjoy it (GreekChickie… you’ll cry – get the tissues).

I covered the first have in 25 and some change. Wah? That’s a little less than 10 min mile! How in the world will I do that on the way back.

Now, I told the kids 15 minutes in Tyson Park… I know… Daddy gets to run for at least 50 minutes and the playground for 15, how fair is that? Well, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, Tyson Park is completely in the open and, oh yeah… it’s 93F degrees out side and the “F” is for Freakin’!

Okay, so 20 minutes later I give the “5 minutes” call… yeah, I know… I am ruining the world. The kids board the Stroller and of course, The Elder sees two bridges AND a train and wants to go see them. *sigh* however, when your kid is strapped in the stroller, you have a little more control over what they see and where they go. So with the CamelBak restocked, I start to head on back.

I was only about 2 minutes slower on the way back… huh. I was NOT expecting that at all! I thought for sure that it would be much slower and I had to drop off some stuff at a certain time and was pushing up against that time constraint. I finished in 52:46… the kids were happy that I finished as well. I loaded them in the van, gave them their juice boxes and we were off on more errands. So I get to chalk up an extra 5.24 mile run in my log book!

I also had a chance to experience running with the jogger stroller, it is looking more and more like my Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge is going to incorporate 2 little kids and a stroller…

Oh, here are some pictures (okay, so it wasn’t continuous running, we did stop here and there but not often)

Let’s Load ‘Em UP!
Help with the CamelBak…

This Bridge (A former witch) has a great vista of 3rd Creek. Unfortunately, due to pollution, you are “cautioned” not to come in contact with the water.

Warning: Trolls


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0 Responses to The (Extra) Sunday Run

  1. Marianna says:

    Oh my gosh, your kiddos are so cute!


  2. DPeach says:

    We are running there when I get up your way!

    You are going to be sick of me bugging you about running any time I am in your neighborhood. Just about a year away and I already have meeting scheduled near you in NC, and TN.

  3. Susan says:

    What an excellent way to spend a Sunday! And can we say ADORABLE???

  4. darrell says:

    Over 90 degrees pushing 100 lbs of kid around, I applaud you!!

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