It’s Race Week! Be a Winner

I am running a contest and running a race. I might not win the race, but you can win a prize!

It’s race week for the Scholar’s Run 5k, part 2 of the Ruby Tuesday’s Triple Crown, and so it’s time to put my game face on. The Scholar’s Run is important to me because it is the only race left that I have run each year since 1998 when I first started running. Despite illnesses, injuries and births of children, I have been able to make it to the starting line. Also, the Scholar’s Run held my PR in 1998 (23:07) until I broke it in 1999 (22:07) at the Scholar’s Run. Then I held that PR until October of 2001 when I my achieved my current 5k PR of 21:56 at a different race. So, all in all, the race is significant to me.

I know, I know… get to the point on how you can win something. Okay, here is the deal. You can win up to 4 prizes, all you have to do is correctly guess (or be the closest):

1)My Overall Time
2)My Overall Place
3)My Age Group Place
4)My Bib Number

So this is how it works. Either comment, email or use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page and send me your guess or guesses (you don’t have to answer all 4), the person closest will get the prize, if there is a tie, I will use the time stamp as the tie breaker. In Addition, if you accurately guess all 4 (no errors), then I will find you something extra special to send you.

So what’s the Loot?

The Prize for guessing correctly or being the closest is an Odwalla SuperFood Bar!!


Superfood™ • 500mg of Spirulina • Nourishing Food Bar® It’s good to be green! Nourish yourself with the delicious taste of raisins, dried bananas and rolled oats. It’s a super-concoction with nourishing benefits –from calcium, folic acid, and iron to antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.

Since not all of you out there understand the structure and intricacies of a 5k road race, here is some information to help with your guess.

1) Overall Time ( in minutes and seconds) – My Fastest 5k time is 21:56 (2001) and my Slowest 5k time is 31:07 (2002 – but I was running with My Lovely and Talented Wife). I plan on running hard on this hilly and challenging course.

2) Overall Place (single number) – My overall Finishing place. I typically finish around the top 30-40% of finishers. There’s not another race locally that would draw runners and the weather should in upper 70s by the 8am start.

3) Overall Age Group Place (single number) – My overall Finishing place among Males 35-39. The Male 35-39 is typically one of the faster age divisions, so that works against me sometimes depends on who shows up.
4) My Bib Number (Single Number) – The number given to me by the race to identify my unique place in the race. In the past they have started at 1 and gone from there…Your guess is as good as mine. I did send my entry form via mail today, so there is a good chance that I will be one of the last pre-registered numbers, but then there will be the Day-Of-Race numbers to consider.

Extra Information: Here is Historical Data from past Scholar’s Run…

Date Time Place Finishers Age Group Place
4/24/1998 23:07 33 99 5
8/28/1999 22:07 73 267 3
8/26/2000 22:51 84 275 10
8/25/2001 24:24 98 259 12
8/24/2002 23:13 60 221 5
8/23/2003 27:36 147 243 11
8/21/2004 24:57 74 198 5
8/20/2005 24:36 92 269 5
8/19/2006 25:12 82 241 5

And if you do win AND want your prize, then you will have send me a mailing address. I promise not to disclose your information out, but use only for my own purposes MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… no, don’t worry it will be safe.


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0 Responses to It’s Race Week! Be a Winner

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  2. marathonchris says:

    Time: 23:51
    Place: 74
    Age Place: 4
    Bib #: 183

    Good luck!! 🙂

  3. Petra says:

    OK – firstly Terry you are a nut! But a good, fast-running kind of nut. I’m appalling at this sort of thing but it’s never stopped me in the past but here goes. Ok. Here goes:
    a) overall time 23:12
    b) overall place: 73
    c) overall age group: 4
    d) bib number:189
    I will send you my address in the VERY unlikely event that I win. I have to – of course – wish you luck and godspeed but not too much, I now have an interest in a specific result…

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