Most of you know that we have tried to have a Gluten Free (no rye, barley, malt) diet for the kids and thus in turn a GF diet for ourselves. When I first posted this, it was basically Doom & Gloom for my diet personally. I mean, 2-3 days of the week is at least the Terry Special at the Pilot Gas Station (i.e. 2 donuts). Also, this meant no beer either, since well, Hops & Barley are two key ingredients in the whole beer making process. However, the Doom & Gloom is pretty much over. We have found enough solutions to most items that it’s on an inconvenience when we have to travel and that’s only while we travel. We bring our own food for the hotels just in case we can’t find GF foods.

In my quest for Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookies, I have this story to tell. Since All Purpose Flour is made up of wheat (duh), I wasn’t sure if I could make “regular” cookies anymore, but after shopping around, I found that there are alot of different GF Flours out there (brown rice, soy, potato, etc.).

Bob’s Red Mill is a leading company in terms of Gluten Free, Whole Grain and Organic mixes. You just have to get over how expensive this stuff is compared to the regular flour, it’s at least an arm, maybe a leg too in some cases. One of the flours that Bob’s Red Mill offers is a GF All Purpose Flour. This would be my ticket back into gorging myself with chocolate chip cookies, or better yet chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips.

No where on the ingredients does it give a conversion to cook with their flour. Alternative sugars (such as Splenda) give a conversion regular sugar when cooking, and Splenda’s 1:1 ratio is a crock because it’s way to sweet. But that’s another story. So, I make the cookie dough like normal and everything looks great.


But after about 2 minutes in the oven, they “settled”. I am not sure what flour/egg/baking soda reaction did or did not happen, but there was no rising.


And so, on the fly, I had to come up with a different method of cooking. So instead of worrying that cookie dough would flatten and run off the edge of the cookie sheet, enter: Mr. Pie Pan. I stuck the batter in the pie pan and had to bake the hell out the big cookies. Now, my oven isn’t the most efficient oven out there. I know that if it says to bake at 350F for 10-12 minutes, I can expect to bake for 12-14 easily. So, I cooked and cooked the cookies and when they came out, they looked much like a cookie and the best thing of all, they tasted just like a regular cookie


So, all in all, the cookie experience worked out just great, just the flour didn’t work like I expected it to work. So, I need to try this again to see if I did something wrong with the flour or if not rising is kind of typical.

And in case you were wondering, they do make a gluten free beer called Red Bridge, but (whispering) I don’t always stay GF when there’s beer involved, on Tuesday I had some of these!


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Yummy, share your recipe when you figure this out.

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