10 Miles in 3 steps

I was getting ready to create a post for my run yesterday before I got the call from My Lovely and Talented Wife that The Younger had busted his head open and that they were going to the Emergency Room. The nice thing about working downtown is that the Children’s ER is 3 blocks from my office (on the same street to boot).

So, that has left me not as much time to detail about my 5+4+1 run yesterday. I was helping a friend pack his Moving Truck and knew that my time for running after work was limited and I had 12 miles on the schedule. I decided that I would run 4 at lunch and then 4 miles immediately after work and get at least 8 miles in for the day, I could handle that.

To support running right out of my office door, I had to map out a 4 mile course which wasn’t all that tough because I have an entry point to 3rd Creek Greenway about 1/4 mile from my office. While I was getting ready for my lunchtime run, I was a little ahead of schedule meaning that I might be able to fit in another mile and not be too late for work. So, I did.

My Lunchtime run was a 5 mile run on James White Greenway taking advantage of the new Mile Markers and I was pleased with my times, however, they were consistenly fast.

5 Miles on JW Greenway
Mile 1: 9:02
Mile 2: 8:47
Mile 3: 9:05
Mile 4: 9:00
Mile 5: 9:28

So after that I headed back for the rest of the work day and right at 5:00 I was out the door, dropped my stuff off at the car and started on my 4 mile out-and-back course.

4 Miles on 3rd Creek
Mile 1: 9:05
Mile 2: 9:06
Mile 3: 9:10
Mile 4: 9:05

I hopped in my car, very pleased at how consistent that run was from start to finish, and called my friend to let him know I was on my way. He said that he was getting the truck and be there around 6:30 (which really means about 6:45 or so knowing Truck Rental places). So that meant that I could “squeeze” in another 2 miles or so and be where I needed to be. I chose to run at the Northwest Middle School Track which is a figure 8 fashioned 1 mile path. I wasn’t sure how I would handle running a third time in the day but apparently, I did just fine.

I was upset at the time, because I realized that I should stop so that I would have enough energy for the packing of the moving van

1 Mile at the Northwest Middle School
Mile 1: 8:29

So, all in all I ran the 10 miles in 3 different sessions, all within about 6 hours of each other. My total time was 1:30:17 for the entire workout andI will have to look to see if I need to change my workout paces because 9:00 was very very comfortable for at least 5 miles at a time, maybe when I can go longer I will be closer to my current 9:45 Long goal pace.

I was working on getting Episode 14 of Gravity@1053′ out today but with the ER detour, that didn’t happen. Maybe over the weekend.


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  1. DPeach says:

    Sounds like some wonderful trails to run on. I can’t wait to get there and do some running with you. Start looking for me to be banging on your door in about a year.

    I will be through Knoxville quite a bit during my year back home, so just let me know if I over stay my welcome. (Or if I slow down your pace too much.)

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