Dallas… in a nutshell

The trip to Dallas was a good trip despite traveling with small children. I always take a great deal of inspiration from these events and thus I can get “refueled” every 6 months. No different this time. I do need to go over my notes, but I feel recharged and revitalized. The small events that I attended between January and July help me, but Seminar and Leadership are the two biggies.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details about our trip, but will give you a reader’s digest version:

Wednesday (Day 0)
Headquarter’s Tour (Pictures to follow)
Manufacturing Plant Tour (Pictures to follow)

Thursday (Day 1)
Opening Ceremonies (Pictures to Follow)
Kalicak Awards Night (Pictures to Follow)
Last year, I was awarded the Kalicak Area’s Mr. Mary Kay award which is voted upon by the directors in Jen’s National Area. Well, one (and only) of my duties is to present the incoming award recipient. This means that I get to get behind the microphone and say a few words.


I had been looking forward to this for a while but had little time to write down was going on in my head. Of course, I did bring a prop with me for some cheap laughs… which did work. But really, that night I was able to be the unofficial official photographer! As a result, I SO need a Speedlight among other things for Stella.


Friday Day 2
Paintball (Blog post & Pictures to Follow)
Company Awards Night (Pictures to Follow)

Saturday Day 3
Closing Ceremony

Travel Home


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0 Responses to Dallas… in a nutshell

  1. Susan says:

    How nice! What a husband! I’m proud to know ya!

  2. Damn, you look good in a tux. But then everyone does.

  3. DPeach says:

    A tux can make most people look good.

    It is kinda like the saying “I have never seen an ugly bride.” Obviously whoever started that has not been to some of the weddings I have been to. But, there is something about the dress that can make most women look good.

    A tux can do the same for a man.

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