Photo Hunters: Tiny


This Week’s Theme: Tiny



I am out of town for the week and so I set this up to post automatically. Unfortunately, for those that visit me today, I won’t be able to respond to your comments or visit your site until middle of the week. Also, if you haven’t commented before, I won’t be able to moderate your comments until next week as well, but as soon as I get back (from Dallas) I will get everything situated.

I was bored in the car when I took this picture. It wasn’t even with a fancy digital camera, my Dimage X20 I believe. But what do you know, a Tiny Mirror gives you a Big View! Have a Great Weekend!


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0 Responses to Photo Hunters: Tiny

  1. tnchick says:

    Yes, a big view in that small mirror. I am going to ask – why is your small mirror much cleaner than your larger mirror? LOL

    Have a safe trip…

  2. meeyauw says:

    I haven’t seen a little rear view mirror on a big one. Two views at once!

  3. DPeach says:

    [quote post=”1158″]I am going to ask – why is your small mirror much cleaner than your larger mirror?[/quote]
    It is not cleaner, it is the way the focus works. I just discovered this about 3 years ago. I thought that the reflections in a mirror were just flattened 2D images of what it was reflecting. But, without my glasses, even though I can see the mirror glass clearly, I cannot focus on the objects in the mirror. The small mirror has a different focal length than the large mirror.

    I have not tried to figure out why. I just found it very interesting (and the answer to the question).

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