Jokes on me

Okay, everybody take your index finger, point it at my website and start laughing AT me. Yup, the joke is on me.

You know how I said that I was upset at my rechargeable batteries because they let me down? Yeah… me too. Apparently, when you get ready to rant about something, you better make sure that what you are talking about is reality.

Rechargeable this, rechargeable that… blah blah… runs out of juice… rechargeable BLAH.

So when I opened up my iRiver, there was a regular alkaline *sigh* battery staring at me. *Slap hand on forehead*

“Everready, my butt,” I muttered. So I put in one of my recently recharged rechargeables and was impressed that it showed full strength… nice! Also, it looked like an hour and a half was recorded and I can bet that it is all silence.

So now I am good to go with my iRiver for tomorrow. I am actually using it right now to record some audio from a cassette for My Lovely and Talented Wife.

So I as I reference in the closing of my podcast… This was just one of goofy things that I get myself into!


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0 Responses to Jokes on me

  1. darrell says:

    OOPS! Isn’t there some profound statement about being able to laugh at yourself. Live and learn.

    The new pic is flattering. 😉

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