Starting with Friday

Friday’s Workout
It was a brick workout of swimming and running and I think that every Friday is going to be a brick workout. The workout consisted of a 411 meter swim followed by a 2.13 mile run and despite all the blood donating stuff, it went really well.

The swim part of it was one of my faster 400 meter (actually 411 meters) with a 8:18 time. I hopped out of the pool, put on my shoes and socks and headed for a new (less hilly) course around campus. Since I was hearing DPeach’s sermon about my recurring sin of doing speedwork so soon after donating, I opted for the flattest possible course I could find in the hills of Knoxville. I averaged a 9:44 for the 2.13 miles and really tried to not go out too fast.

I was pretty tired after the workout and I think that my heart was working a little harder than it should, but then again, there is less blood in there to work with right now.

After the workout, I decided that Brick Fridays would be good for a number of reasons. 1) it would be a great deal to do speed or interval work for my running since I would be forced to keep it a short distance based on time that I have. 2) The swim to start would be a great cardio warmup, so that when I was ready to do my speedwork, my lungs would be ready and my legs would be essentially fresh. 3) I won’t have guess what I am doing. So we’ll see how it works out for me.

It took me most of the morning to get out of some sluggish funk that I was having. Must have been related to that whole Mercury Retrograde that everyone is talking about.

I tried to save our little pool that we have for the kids, but it looked like the amount of neglect of chemicals was not enough to ward off Mother Nature. The pool was a nice light green color… well, we are thinking about upgrading from our $15 pool to a $60 pool with a fancy pump. This will require a little more maintenance and stuff, but it’s for the children… isn’t anyone thinking about the children!

The kids had some allergy action thing going between them. It was almost like dueling boogers. When one would have a dry spell, the other’s nose was like a nasal faucet. So, we opted to keep them away from Sunday School, we didn’t need them to get something else.

Sunday was pretty quiet for me. I am in the process of cleaning out our workshop which has become a monster of its own. The end of this month is the close of the business year for my wife and so I had some time to find a bunch of mixed paper to recycle as well some other crap that just needed to be thrown. It’s not that there is a lack of space, it’s just that some of the stuff I am holding onto because of sentimental value of it. I’ll take a picture and dump it.

Today’s workout was a little depressing, but I am not going to let any thing get my planetary alignment out of whack. As part of my new approach to my fall marathon, I am in the process of data collecting to hopefully find the correct pace that I need and the correct effort I need to exert on any type of workout. I am one of those that wants to do an Easy run and it ends up being a Tempo (semi-hard) workout. Or I want to do speed work and it ends up being Tempo again. So, with the help of a heartrate monitor, I hope to have the little thing beep at me when I am going to fast or slow to help regulate my pace. It’s a little like using the average Fruit price to determine the price of Apples. The apple price is part of the calculation and it might be close, but there are other variables out there you have to consider.

My run today was slated to be an Easy day. Therefore my mile pace should be around 9:40 minutes and my heart rate should be somewhere between 149 and 162 beats per minute (bpm). The first mile wasn’t all that off, I was able to keep it around 155 or so and my time was 9:45, but then I had some creep set it. No, not some weird stranger, but the fact that as I workout out my heartrate was increase. So, I have higher highs and higher lows, much like a graph of stock price that is increasing everyday. My last mile was 10:27 and I had to walk in some spots just to keep it under 166-167 and the thing was that I was not tired at all. My knees hurt from the slower pace, but cardiowise I felt great. Must still be residuals from donating blood. Geez! See if I ever donate again… bleh!*

I’d really love to get a HRM that downloads the data to a computer, just so that I can get a feel for what is going on. Perhaps I am not running the right course, or something like that I can’t see while I am running, but if I could analyze the data would be apparent. So, if anyone recommends a good fancy heart rate monitor, I’m listening. I don’t think that I want to invest in a Garmin HRM/GPS gadget quite yet. Although knowing my pace during a run would be awesome, alot of the places that I run here have big buildings and trees and I think I would be a little more frustrated from a loss of signal. So, I will go with cheaper right now.

*I will donate again.


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0 Responses to Starting with Friday

  1. Michael says:

    Right, the new pool is for the “kids”… who probably would have been happy splashing around in the green water… right, got it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Marianna says:

    Mercury SUCKS!


  3. planet3rry says:

    [quote comment=”5725″]Right, the new pool is for the “kids”… who probably would have been happy splashing around in the green water… right, got it. ;-)[/quote]

    Well, the pool is actually for the kids, it’s not one of those pool that is heart shaped and has wonderful, pleasurable jets… maybe that’s next year’s upgrade ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. planet3rry says:

    [quote comment=”5726″]Mercury SUCKS!


    And it’s such a small stinky planet!

  5. DPeach says:

    Sounds like some of it was a rough decision to get out there and do the work, but I am sure you are glad you did.

    I looked at some Polar HRMs this week. For the price I could afford, I could not find one I liked. I will just have to wait until later when I can fork over some more serious money. By that time I may be looking at a Garmin.

    I would recommend that you get your hands on one and play with it before buying. Or at least have a good solid recommendation from another runner. Polar makes several models designed for running, while they also have several that are not quite tweaked for the best runner uses.

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