The Gift

Back on June 1st, Susan from I Run for My Life and her Husband Extrordanaire Chasen, stopped by my office in Knoxville on their way to Asheville, NC. My version of the story can be found here, Susan’s version can be found here.

Anyway, they brought me a gift, which was totally unnecessary but very much appreciated! Those “runner” types are typically so generous, you just have to let them follow their natural tendencies. It’s best for both parties…

They brought me a beer! What’s super-duper fantastic cool is that it was local beer native to the Greater Little Rock metropolitan area, so it was something that 1) I had never tried before 2) I can’t get locally 3)An award winning brew!

They even had it chilled on ice during their trip! So, I could have popped off the top and had it right there, but that would have broken a few local ordinances and being locked up with Billy Bob Bubba was not on the schedule.

The beer was a Diamond Bear Southern Blonde Lager. What’s cool is that this Brewery was a 2006 World Beer Cup winner and my running buddy that I talk about here was a 2000 World Beer Cup Winner! So, I knew that this was going to be a mighty tasty beer.


My take on the beer: DAMN TASTY!

I was a very good flavorful and smooth beer! Whenever I go back to Little Rock, I am going to put a visit to the brewery on my itinerary and try each and everyone of their selection! Thanks Susan and Chasen!


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  1. Susan says:

    I’m thrilled that you liked it! The brewery is one block from my office. I will personally escort you and yours over there if/when you are in town!

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