The Moon over Tennessee

I did see the Blue Moon last night. I even broke out Stella but an emergency called and I set her down and by the time I got back, it was way in the air and not near the Horizon. Don’t you just love the Horizon effect? The moon just looks Ginormous!

But being in Tennessee, East Tennessee to be specific, the moon was particularly sentimental last night as the light being scattered in the atmosphere didn’t tint the moon blue but rather orange! The Big Orange Moon.

So, to irk Marianna and her comment from when I said my desk was messy, just look at my computer desktop:


I have 15 things that you can count. Actually there is the photo editing program on the next tier of programs on the task bar. So make that 16. And to boot, the Firefox browser has 11 tabs open. So we are talking Messy and that’s the 3 syllable word Messy. I think I hear Marianna’s brain splitting right now.

I worked, but then gave up, on trying to get my moblog plugin working for WordPress. Seems that my Hosting Plan here at doesn’t have Cron Jobs with this package and so, I would have to upgrade to get the ability to Cron and really, it’s not worth it for me but it would be SO cool! If I knew enough about PHP, I might be able to hack something together but I don’t… so I wait for the next best thing. That’s what I get for wanting complete control over my blog.

I did a brick workout today. A brick workout is something that is geared (hehe) more for Triathletes. It’s a workout in which multiple disciplines are used in the training regiment. Okay, it means that you swim-run or run-bike or bike-swim. I am not up with the lingo on whether a brick can refer to more than 2 stages, such as run-bike-swim or swim-bike-swim, etc.

Today I did the swim-run workout. I swam 400 meters, got out of the pool, put on shorts and shoes and ran 2.08 miles. It actually went pretty well considering I hadn’t done anything like this in a long time, the whole 2 different workouts back to back.

My 400 time was 8:47 which is just about right for the start of the workout. I could tell that I was working a little harder than I needed to be and I think it was the excitement of the new workout that had me antsy.

The transition stage is really it’s own discipline in the triathlon. As much as you need to train to run, swim and bike, you need to practice your transition. So going from swim to run is not a traditional transition, but it took me 1:25 to get out of the pool and on with my shoes. I wasn’t rushing or anything like that either. I got the deal done and started running.

One of the hardest part is the transition (yes, that word again) of your body from one discipline to another. The hardest is probably bike to run. Your legs are like Gelatin and you are amazed at how they have the ability to hold you up. Swim to Run, isn’t that bad, although you are going from one breathing intensive discipline to another. In the early stages of my run, I felt like I was going a little fast and perhaps I was but oh well.

I ran my 2.08 mile loop in 18:18 for a 8:48 average. I thought that was pretty good considering that I had just swam previous to that I made sure that this loop had some significant long hills to give the workout that extra pep.

The weekend looks to be pretty good, but we could use a little rain around here.


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0 Responses to The Moon over Tennessee

  1. Marianna says:

    DEAR GOD! You just gave me the heebies! CLOSE SOME OF THOSE PROGRAMS!!! How can you manage all that?!

    My brain not only split, but EXPLODED all over my keyboard! CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE!


  2. Leesa says:

    Too funny.. now I know how to annoy Marianna 🙂

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