Memorial Day

For those of you who weren’t around in April of 2006, my biological father passed away from heart failure that was worsened by pneumonia about a week before. He had been battling MS (which is why the link to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society link is on the side) for a number of years prior. When I met him in 1991 for the first time (that I remember) he could still walk around but with help with a cane. When we (Jen and I) went to visit him in 2001, he was in a wheel chair… one of those fancy speedy wheelchairs with the machine gun attachment, no… wait, he had the rocket launcher attachment. I once emailed that I wanted to run the Quad Cities Marathon so that he could see me run, but he said that he nor the wheelchair would last for a whole marathon (goofball).

This memorial day, Me and my brothers, Chris and Jeff, are having flowers put on his grave, I will post a picture when Grandma sends me the picture AND we are making a donation to the NMSS in his honor.

I would love to be running the Expo 10k, like I do for those on my memorial list (Hunter Biddle, Bernice Varney, Robert Tripp) but I am not and you all know why. You can read my about why I run for these people here, if you are curious.

My Dad was a SSGT in the US Air Force and was stationed in Rantoul IL, where he met my mom. He was smart, funny and one of those guys that was sickening optimistic. Although he never was in armed combat (medical clearance), he was an instructor during the Vietnam War and is one of the proud veterans that are resting in our nation’s veteran’s cemeteries. He is buried on Rock Island Arsenal, and one day I will run the Quad Cities Marathon that at Mile 20 (how ironic), runs right past the cemetery.

God Bless you Robert Tripp and God Bless all the veterans who have served our country giving their time and their lives so that we can live in the Greatest Country.


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0 Responses to Memorial Day

  1. Marianna says:

    Ok, tears are flowing here… what a wonderful tribute.


  2. darrell says:

    That will be one special run when you are able to get it done.

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