34 but not 35

The title of this post has nothing to do with age, although one of those two numbers include my actual age.

What those numbers represent are the number of consecutive non-running days that I have experienced this year. Actually, for a long, long time. Even when I have had pneumonia I was able to crank out a few miles when I was on the mend.

So, yes, I ran today at lunch. It had been almost a week since I had felt any sort of rubbing in my chest and it was the 1st day that I didn’t have any tightness/soreness in that area either. I was really trying to use last week’s swimming excursions to test if The Rub would wield it’s ugly head again. But since it didn’t I made the next hurdle to reduce, or eliminate the sore spots in my chest.

I had found a stretch that turned the sore spot on like a lightswitch. The idea was to do some easy stretching to see if that would help the area. Not sure if the stretching helped at all, but on Sunday, there wasn’t much soreness at all. In fact, when I was tossing my 30lbs son in the area at the pool, I never thought about The Rub or anything like that.

So, Monday when I woke up… I gave myself the Green Light. Yeah, sure the “educated” “professional” doctor had said ‘go for it’ but I wasn’t really sure that I was past the point and on to glorious recovery.

But I was a little worried. The last time that I had ran was 34 days ago, when it was 55 degrees. Now, 34 days later, it was 78 degrees. Huge difference and not in my favor either. It was all a big mystery. I wasn’t sure how far I would last. I wasn’t sure of anything really… other than the fact that I had been at this point before…

Over on Petra‘s blog, she confesses one of the deadly sins of running: Running in a Race for Which You Are (grossly) Undertrained. She ran a marathon this weekend which she was undertrain for and paid for it. I can feel her pain because I did the exact same thing back in 2002 when I had the opportunity to run either the Mardi Gras Half marathon or the Mardi Gras Marathon.

Even though I KNEW that I had not been running lately, I still opted for my Market Square Fab 4 miler because it’s my favorite course. But I even thought, “Hey, you need to run slow because you haven’t run in a while.”

Too bad, I can’t even follow my own advice. But as I rambled on in my comment over at Petra’s site, it’s not that you did anything wrong, actually, running a marathon (or any other distance you aren’t trained to run) under those conditions is a great learning experience. So, I had experience on my side today.

I was thinking that a 9:30 minute mile would be ideal for the first mile. Yeah, “Ideal”, but who really lives their life in “Ideals”? 8:41 First Mile. Ouch. And when you are running only 4 miles, and you run it that fast with my current training, it only goes down from there.

Second mile: 9:10. Not a bad drop really. Except the fact that I took some time to recover after the first mile. What it tells me is that I am compensating for the walking by running faster when I get back to running. Rookie mistake. But hey! I am running again, what do I care?

Third mile: 9:55. Longer walking break because it took me about 1.5 miles to get warmed up and then when I hit Market Square with all the people, I sped up. I would love to have a Garmin GPS watchie-thingie to see exactly how fast I increase when I run among other people. But just wait to watch me crash hard.

Forth Mile: 12:46. Sure, it’s much slower, but here’s where the experience paid off. Because I know what happens to me when I run under these conditions, I know what signals to identify. So, before I destroyed my legs, I knew when to slow down and when to walk. It did help that I knew the course too… After all “Knowledge is Power”

So how did end up? 40:32 for 4 miles. I was quite a bit dehydrated at the end of the run from the heat (but I will acclimate). Mentally, it was as if some hit my Mental Restart button. Will I be sore tonight, I am counting on it. I am planning on running tomorrow, perhaps not as far but maybe a hillier course to give the Ole Legs a stretch here and there.

How are the Lungs and The Rub? Lungs seem to be fine and no sign of The Rub at this point.

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0 Responses to 34 but not 35

  1. Petra says:

    Terry – your rambling comments on my blog were absolutely right! I did learn a lot – and I found some new respect for the marathon and my previous performances.. My legs are still toast – hope yours are fine and it sounds like the lungs and the rub are under control as well? And don’t forget – sometimes you just need to snap out of something and running does that – like not running for 34 or 35 days.. Well done and keep us posted on your progress..

  2. Marianna says:

    Yay for no rub! I’m so glad to hear that!


  3. DPeach says:

    You really need to learn to slow down. There is nothing shameful about running a 10 minute mile if that is what you need to do. Or, 11 for that matter.

    I ran some 11s this week just to give myself a break. I still felt like I was running though I was not pushing myself at all.

  4. Why would you toss your 30 lbs kid in the pool? You are just sick and twisted, but I like that in a friend. Wait till he gets his own lawyer. Then you’re in trouble, Buster.

  5. Stacie says:

    Awsome Blossom! No sign of the rub! I hope it stays that way Terry! Crossing Fingers for you!

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