The end of the week

It’s Friday…

I couldn’t be happier, wait… I could be happier, but I am pretty happy that in less than 2 hours of typing this word, I will be traveling home.

So, I probably should update you with my freaky rub problem. Once it knew that I was going to go to the doctor, it died in intensity, but not down to zero. It’s still here… sometimes it feels worse than others, but it is still there.

My levels at the doctor were normal, which reminds me that I need to call and see what my blood results say. Well, I am going to get a CT scan on my chest on Monday to take an internal picture of what the hell is going on in there. I hope this thing is fixable, because it’s getting annoying. And to make things worse I have been cursed ordered to limit my exercise to “easy”… which is like walking… so this means that all the chocolately high fat/carb stuff that I have been eating because I would burn most of it off has been gravitating to my mid-section.

I know that I have gained a few extra pounds, not many BUT it pretty much ends any type of PR time IF I get to run Expo 10k. I’ve already laid to rest the $20 that sent in prior to my rub coming back for May 5th’s Run for the Deaf. Now, I am not too terribly sad about this because the profits go directly to the Tennessee School for the Deaf, and listen to me… it’s a great place!

So May5th is out, but there is a chance for May26th and Expo 10k. I know that even if I didn’t run a mile until race day, I could finish the 6.2 miles. Wouldn’t be all that pretty but I could do it. The Rub is a Shakespearian dark cloud looming over my potential Marathon training.

It’s my intention to run the Quad Cities Marathon this fall (Sept) and so a 14week plan would start me on June 11th… and that was 14 weeks with a great speed base already intact at the beginning. So, this Rub could make it so that my start of training would be pushed back… I could push it back 2 weeks for a 12 week program and still be (personally) comfortable. Anything less than 12 weeks and I am skating on thin ice with how lean my April has been in running and what my May looks like. So, that’s looming.

If you have a podcatcher, you’ll know that Episode 10 of Gravity@1053: Volunteering at the 2007 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon was uploaded on Wednesday. I was able to stitch the pieces together and get it up with little trouble. Also on Wednesday, I had a revelation while listening to Running from the Reaper that I could make my intro “static” and then go into the show intro, thus cutting down on my editing time (which for me, is the biggest hurdle of the podcast).

That’s all I got for right now… I am sure that when I hit the “Publish” button, I will think of more.

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0 Responses to The end of the week

  1. Sorry you are having to slow down the running. I know how that can be šŸ™‚ Here is hoping that whatever is causing your problem will fade as you slow down. Hope they figure it out soon.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast – glad you were able to get it out. I agree the editing is the longest part of the process.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m excited to experience your blog in marathon-training-mode!

  3. I have to admit. I bought a 12-pack of the Diet Coke Plus and feel better already. It’s like Flintstones with caffeine!

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