Diet Coke ver+

070427dcplusI knew that there would be something that I would think of after I hit publish. It’s the New Diet Coke or rather Diet Coke plus.

The attractive sleek bottle of Diet Coke caught my eye as the Apple Computer Bondi Blue color caught my eye as I scanned the Diet Coke refrigeration depository, placed by Marketeers right at the checkout line.

Hmmm… what was this new creature and why hadn’t I heard of it before. Holding the bottle with all the reverence that all new products should get, I read “Diet Coke plus” in its rainbow colors with fancy little, something… leaf maybe… off the corner of the the “p”.

So what mathematical theory makes this Diet Coke plus? Is it better than Diet Coke minus and not as much as Diet Coke squared? I had to find out… What if it was Diet Coke integral, woah! THAT would be cool.

Diet Coke plus meant that it was Diet Coke “plus” vitamins and minerals. WAH?! vitamins and minerals? Just how many vitamins and how many minerals? Ehhhh, 2 vitamins and 3 minerals to be exact. In one serving (8oz) you get Niacin (15%), B6 (15%), B12 (15%), Zinc (10%) and Magnesium (10%). So it would only take 5 cans to get 100%+ in the first 3 and 75% in the last two.

So, what do these vitamins and minerals do? That’s a project for another day and who cares (I do) because it’s Healthy Diet Coke (as if)! But how does it taste? Funny you should ask… of course I bough one!

So for $1.19 + tax I bought a 20oz bottle that is more than twice as expensive as gasoline and 2.5 times as expensive as the organic milk we buy, so that I could tell all of YOU how it tasted to me… sip… eh, not bad… no horrible Splenda aftertaste… reminds me of… Diet Rite… except that Diet Rite has no Sodium but no Vitamin & minerals.

So there you go… Diet Coke+… you can read the “official” scoop on it here.

Oh, and don’t think that Coca-Cola’s contemporaries over at Pepsi are going to join the “let’s make soda (perceivably) healthier” band-wagon. Pepsi’s coming out (don’t know when) with Tava and this will be fortified with vitamin B-3, vitamin B-6, vitamin E and chromium.

So after 6 Diet Coke pluses and who know how many Tava’s you’ll get some of the daily requirements of some of the vitamins and minerals. You’ll spend more than buying a high quality daily vitamin/mineral pill and the same volume in water but I guess you’ll have all that extra aluminum and plastic to recycle when you do.

And Pepsi, in a Josta/Jolt-esque type move is going to introduce Diet Pepsi Max, which contains ginseng and extra caffeine.

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0 Responses to Diet Coke ver+

  1. Leesa says:

    I tried this yesterday! I couldn’t tell if it really tasted different, or it did because I expected it to.

    I think it does, but not much difference to really mean anything.

    I wonder if it will last?

  2. Susan says:

    I will be trying this when I get a chance!

  3. amy says:

    Cool photo!

    Hope you can participate in the BLogging Scavenger Hunt Starting Monday! Would love to see you there!

  4. Junior Johnson says:

    this is pretty wild…finally making something that isnt too bad for you. Ill have to try it.

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