Au(n) the Horizon

We had a few road bumps, but Cris our Au Pair is going to be coming a little earlier than planned. She’ll be here Thursday. As, in less than a week! How cool is that! I don’t have anything other to report on that at the moment though.

My legs today were a little sore… after a 3.6 mile run at a 9:24 minute per mile pace, there was soreness! Soreness! What’s up with that, oh yeah… those 16 days that I didn’t run probably contributed to it.

My brain seems to be sending me lots and lots of different signals on what to blog, so there is no apparent cohesiveness to this post, it’s just me noggin’.

If you are anywhere other than New England, I can let you know that Monday is Patriot’s Day… and you all know what that means right? An extra day to submit your taxes? Partially… what is really means is that Monday is the Boston Marathon. And if you want to be “In the Know”, you don’t say “Boston Marathon” you just say “Boston”, it’s alot like Madonna or Elvis. You just have to say the word.

Boston is the premier marathoning event in the world. Now, there are other high profile marathons out there which much faster courses (Berlin, Chicago, New York, London – notice all just one word). But there is something to this point-to-point run through Massachuessttes that has made this “The Race”. Perhaps that you have to have a tough (but not impossible) qualifying time to enter the race, or perhaps the history of the 110 other runnings of the race. Whatever it is, this is accepted as the Superbowl, the Daytona 500, the World Series (best 1 of 1) of the marathoning community.

So, on Monday over 10,000 22,500 [ed. Thanks DPeach for the catch, source:] people are going to line up and run 26.2 miles to Boston… the only problem is that a freakin’ Noreaster is forecasted to lay havoc in the area on Monday. For all the runners, Something Wicked This Way Comes. This doesn’t mean that end is near and all is lost. It just means that the difficult level will be up a notch or two or three. Godspeed Runners.

For my running, Friday was a rest day. Partially because of the soreness, but partially because I was thinking I was going to have to leave work early, but that didn’t manifest. So, I got to sit at my desk and work on the computer some. But now I am practically caught up on listening to my podcasts, I was able to restructure my email so that the message rules are doing more useful work and less making me miss messages. Also the cold has decided to return again. Well, not really cold per se but chilly weather… upper 40s/low 50s for most of the morning and afternoon. So it was better for me to stay here than to get out and it that weather and get sick.

Which brings me to my ailment, The Rub. I could feel just a few itty-bitty little rubs when I took deep breaths. So, it should be gone now. I’ll stick get a recheck on Wednesday to make sure that everything is A-OK.

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0 Responses to Au(n) the Horizon

  1. DPeach says:

    [quote post=”1055″]My legs today were a little sore… after a 3.6 mile run at a 9:24 minute per mile pace, there was soreness! Soreness![/quote]
    At that speed, I might actually be able to keep up with you.

    [quote post=”1055″]So, on Monday over 10,000 people are going to line up and run 26.2 miles to Boston…[/quote]

    Isn’t it going to be more like 35,000?

    Congrats on getting the Au Pair soon.

  2. Marianna says:

    Oh yay on the au pair! That’ll take some stress off of you, I hope!


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