Rubbing the Rub

I had some unexpected childcare last night (those are the best) and that freed me up for about an hour and a half. My initial thought was “How can I fit in a run.” That thought would be harder to bring to fruition in the real world as opposed to my mind.

Now that I had 90 minutes to do what I wanted, a couple of tasks, sans kids, would be much easier came to light. I had to go pick up some barstools that we had ordered, go to Home Depot and then go to Earthfare. The good thing for me was that they were within a reasonable distance of each other and Earthfare was even near a trail head for the Turkey Creek Greenway.

So, I solidify my internary and head off. But as I am backing out of my garage, the yellow “Feed Me” light is staring at me from the dashboard. Okay, so now I have to get gas. Judgment Call: Do I have enough gas to do what I want to do and get gas afterwards, Answer: uhhhh, yes?

So with low fuel light, I head out to the first stop: barstools. Pickup a breeze… in the minivan and I am off. Next, the H.D.. Got my hooks, but wait… Home Depot has those glasses that I use for biking that was lost last Monday (the Sore Ass Post). If I could find another pair, I’d be happy. And for the record, I did retrace when I last had them… running to catch the bus with bike in hand… and they weren’t there. No yellow pieces, just gone. Hopefully someone (who runs with scissors) is wearing a nice pair of Z87 certified, yellow lens, safety glasses.

Okay, which big aisle has “Safety” on it? Should I look for gloves and maybe the glasses would be cohorting with them. Now, I have a genetic disposition, really a code of honor, not to 1)Ask for directions and 2)Ask anything a Home improvement store. So I am a small little fish wandering through the super-mega store looking for a small little item.

When all of a sudden, I see a past friend/coworker from the environmental engineering company that I used to work for before I went back to school. We talked for about 10 minutes or so catching up on what as been going on, when all of a sudden, hanging on a strip were the very glasses that I was seeking. Thanks Universe!

So, I have my glasses, the hooks and then I debate on whether to get the 5’x8′ pink insulation board that Jen wants. It’s the right shade of pink for Mary Kay stuff and seeing that it’s 1″ thick, it’s absolutely perfect… plus that it’s 8 feet, there are lots of things that she can do with it. So, I go for it… I am here… sans kids, it’s a lot easier to do it now since it will take most of the van.

Well, when I saw most of the van, I really mean all of the van and even a little bit over my head. Thank goodness that the foam is flexible or it would never have gone in! But I finally go it in and now to Earthfare, or rather run then Earthfare.

Unfortunately for me there was quite a bit of rain in the area and when I left Home Depot, there was no rain there, but 1/2 mile down the road, there was a down pour, sigh. So, I contemplate running in the rain.

I’m not sick, I just have inflammation. I could get sick, but I am not sick now.

Well, the rain never let up and since one of the things I needed from Earthfare had to be refrigerated, I opted out of running for that day, perhaps on Thursday.

So, today, I was all gang-ho for running at lunchtime. I was curious on how I would do, both lungswise and legwise (it had been a while since I had run). I ran a 3.6 out and back course through Tyson Park and part of 3rd Creek Greenway. I was even recording material for Episode 10 of Gravity@1053 but the wind was so strong that 1) It over powered my speech and 2)It pissed me off. Plus it seemed that it was train shunting time and so there’s trains doing train stuff in the background *sigh*. I am not sure how much is usable, but we’ll see. I might be able to record tonight.

I completed the 3.6 miles at a 9:24 average pace. I know the wind slowed me down some and I think the stitch in my side was a direct result of the clearance Easter candy I bought on Monday…

So, the rub is still there, it’s pretty subdued, but still there… this afternoon, I am taking the kids to a birthday party at one of those inflatable playground places… should be fun for them and dad.


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0 Responses to Rubbing the Rub

  1. Stace says:

    Whew! I kept waiting for you to say you ran out of gas. That’s what would’ve happend to me if I decided I had enough to run errands first. I’m glad it didn’t happen to you! Last minute suprise sitters are the best!

  2. Marianna says:

    LOL @ Stacie.

    Did you get a picture of the barstools?


  3. Susan says:

    Life is always an adventure!

  4. Shephard says:

    Marianna is freaking out today, cuz her blog is on the fritz, no header, etc, and her Monday post doesn’t show. But she can’t check it til she gets home. I think she could use some ribbing about why she didn’t post today, and how clean and nice her new blog design looks, lol.

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