Rest Day

I’m looking at the upcoming weekend and thinking that I am going to have a busy 3 days. My wife is going to be in Louisville Kentucky for a conference Friday and Saturday, which leaves me with the kids. This is not a problem as that means that I get to take off work and hang with the Boys.

I have already started to plan stuff out so that we can cram everything that I want to do it those two days. Including, getting the Calhoun’s podcast finished (I can dream can’t I?). Saturday I have to go to the Marathon Expo so that I can get my Volunteer Tshirt and whatever else that I might fancy. I will have to check my running budget and see what kind of cool stuff I can get at Expo prices.

I mentioned that we bought a new double stroller… I am entertaining the notion of taking the kids for a run on Saturday. I won’t have to worry about time, so I could take them out right after the Expo and before lunch. So we will see. Plus, I am going to try to get a couple of miles in on Sunday, either before or after the marathon…

I have added two 365Days pictures (Monday and Tuesday), both of which had some non-standard technique to the picture. You can click on the Flikr Badge and read the comments about the pictures.

and what is up with Flikr? I have tried to add a couple of you peoples in my contact list, and it says that I have but my Contacts doesn’t show you… so if you get 100 messages that I have added you as a contact, it’s not that I am psycho (there are other ways to tell that) but that I really really want to have you in my contacts. If you use Flikr, I am going to try to use Flikr more… of course as I type this I realize that my Shutterchance photoblog has been inactive for 6 days now… *sigh*


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0 Responses to Rest Day

  1. Leesa says:

    I got your Flickr invite.
    And I haven’t updated my Shutterchance in ages…eeks 🙂

  2. Marianna says:

    Flickr is sooo addictive!

    And I got your add!

    You’re a psycho?


  3. Susan says:

    I didn’t get a flickr invite!

    Wow – a double stroller. I want to hear how that goes! It might be neat to get the boys’ takes on riding in it on your podcast! I bet it would be cute.

  4. hahahahaha…. I got each and every one of your flickr adds…. I was wonder’n what you were doing…. I find if it doesn’t add it right away… log out and when you log in… it will be there.

    But then today I was unblocking some of my photos… and trying to add titles and captions… but it wouldn’t take. I am such a dork!

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