Carpenter Bee, 74, Switch Checker, HUT HUT

Carpenter Bee
Hi-ho-Hi-ho… oh wait, those were dwarfs who mined precious gems. I am refering to the Carpenter Bees… the same ones that drive my Jack Russell insane! Aparently it is time for them to make their nest inside the juicy tastiest wood they can find. Well, they are all around right now. When I went running today, I could not help but dodge 4 or 5 swarms of them.

One group looked like it was the fighting division. 2 dead bees were on the ground and two were hitting in mid air. They could have been courting for all I know, I don’t have a bee degree or a bee license. Well, I sent one to the big bee hive in the sky. one flew in my path and as a defense I swatted down… hit, score… could it bee any more dead?

It was hot outside today. Had I realized how warm it was, I would not have gone so far. Uh, let me rephrase that… if I knew how much the heat was going to affect me in the last two miles of my 5 mile run, I would have gone for just 4 miles. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite “get it” since we’ve had such lovely weather that the 74 on the thermometer board was going to give me cramps.

I made this workout a “Tempo On The Ends and one Big easy/Recovery run In The Middle”. My first mile was 7:51 (pretty speedy) and the Fifth mile was 8:21 and what makes the 5th mile speedy is that thee last 1/4 mile was run in 1:47 (7:08 pace). So even though the heat was killing me in the middle, I still had enough at the end.

Switch Checker
It’s Race WEEK! The marathon is on Sunday, but I am not running… I am volunteering. I will be out on the course and will have a unique job. I will be the Switch Checker… yeah, that is what I said, “what in the world is a Switch Checker?”

We are kind of close to a railroad, so it might be that… but not for a race, silly

Well, the position that I have is tied to the accuracy of results. My position is to catch and record people who were running the Full Marathon, but during the course of the first 12 miles have decided to bail and do the half. Thus I “check” the people who have “switched”. It’s all crystal clear…

So, I am positioned on 13th and Clinch. I know that for 99% of you that means nothing. So I have tried to include pretty pictures, for you to OOOO and AHHH over, scratch your head, grab your chin and say, “I see. ”

So the first picture is a snapshot of the official course map:


But that’s not really helpful… is it…


The Yellow is the course for BOTH half and full marathoners, the Red is for the Full and the Orange is for the Half. So where I am located, I get to see ALL of the runners at mile 0.5, then I see the half marathoners at ~12.5 (of 13.1) and the I get to see the Full Marathoners at ~25.5 (of 26.2). Better yet, is that where I will be is on a hill, so that I can take sniper photo shots of the runners from a good vantage point.

And if the the pretty colors don’t do it for you, let me give you a spy satellite google picture of where I will be…


My wife graduated with Peyton Manning, Superbowl winning quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. And when I say “graduated” they were both in a big big auditorium to pick up their piece of paper. And for all that she graduated with Chamique Holdsclaw too…

Well, Peyton Manning was on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and I missed it… but what is cool is that the three clips that I saw didn’t suck! I thought that Peyton did a good job in his (one million) commercials, the best where he was the overzealous fan of the people who worked where he at and shopped… (De-CAF, De-CAF!) good stuff… Well, looks like he had fun… if you want to see the clips they were on the SNL website.

Au Pair Update
Crisis Family here… we are stilling waiting to hear when our Au Pair gets her second interview. Meanwhile we are still trying to interview new people as they come in, I think we are emailing 5 different people right now…


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0 Responses to Carpenter Bee, 74, Switch Checker, HUT HUT

  1. Michael says:

    Whew, for a minute there I thought that whole switch checker thing had something to do with the trans-gendered. Glad you explained it!

    You should be able to get really good shots from your position, we’ll expect to see evidence of that later! 😉

  2. sam says:

    [quote comment=”2977″]Whew, for a minute there I thought that whole switch checker thing had something to do with the trans-gendered. Glad you explained it!

    Ha ha…right on!

    Sounds like much ado about much in your world these days. Thanks for keeping us updated on the haps! Sorry to hear the temps affected you…oh I know all too well. My half is in the tubes for that (and allergy) reasons. But no more negativity.

    Fingers still crossed on the au pair situation…it WILL work out how its meant to!

  3. Marianna says:

    LOL @ Michael!

    That’s so cool that your wife graduated with Peyton. He’s HAWT! lol

    Bees freak me out. Big time.


  4. Stacie says:

    Well, I’m oohing and aaahing and scratching my head and grabbing my chin, but not because of the pretty pictures, I’m more in awe of your ability to work the words “bee degree” in a post. I love that!
    You are the bees knees!

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