Blame it on Rio(or Sao Paulo)

When you skip blogging for a day or two and there’s alot of stuff that happened, I get caught in Catch 22, do I write about everything and have deep meaningful blog entries (*cough cough*) or do I give you the Reader’s Digest version and you just the basics (with some humor added)? Today, it’s the latter, so here is my Olsen’s Standard Book of British Birds, expedited version (if you get the reference congratulations!) of the past couple of days.

Au Pair
When we last saw our mild-manner superhero, he had just found out that the Au Pair candidate was told “No, Visa FOR YOU!” and so that left us in a quandary of what the “H” to do. We have written a letter to the Consulate General, to hopefully strengthen her case that we are going to send her back. I guess that we could extend her for a year if we like her…

Being Overwhelmed
My Lovely and Talented wife and I spent yesterday trying to build a system on how to get stuff done efficiently in our household. It consisted of a Master Project book that we could use to create our 6 most important things for the next day. When I started my list, it went from a trickle to the dam bursting and the page just flooded with stuff that I need and want to do. Holy Schmoly! It was a lot… I didn’t realize that I was holding onto a bunch of different projects in a bunch of different categories. We had 8 categories (Financial, Family, Household, Websites, Running, Mary Kay, Personal and Interst3llar) and I had at least 2 projects in each. So, hopefully now, I can work on these projects and get them off the books, I have enough routine stuff to worry about much less 1000 projects.

Knoxville Marathon
One of my running projects, is volunteering for the Knoxville marathon. Tomorrow, I am supposed to help with goody bag stuffing. Not sure when I am going to do it… better find out huh?

Today’s Running
The weather today was awesome with capital “Kick Ass”. I hadn’t run since Tuesday and thought that the weather was so awesome that I would swim instead. But the pool was crowded. They had to empty the indoor pool due to emergency maintenance and so all the practices are outside leaving the lap swimming to just a few lanes. Now, I am all for sunning myself, but I didn’t have a book nor my sunscreen. So, instead of working on my skin cancer, I decided to run.

I wanted to do something a little fast but not too furious. It was too windy to go out on the track, so I tried a new course out in the Fort Sanders area. My first mile was good at 7:50, but then I took a break in the middle part of the course (1.54 miles at 14:24 or 9:18avg pace) as a recovery but then turned the speed back on for the final mile and was very happy to have a 7:47 on the way back.

So that will make running, if I get a chance, easier to handle this weekend. Now that our Au Pair is not coming, I think my mid April will be very different. We were thinking about going to Myrtle Beach for a MK event, but now I will probably stay at the house with the kids if my wife decides to go.

Episode 009 is online, but as I write this entry, the RSS feed for the podcast has not been updated, nor has the page. I need to get those up before I leave work today. Also, I have a bunch of show notes (read: excuses) about the episode. So, that I need to create…

I need to add Tuesday, Thursday and today to my Flickr pool. I didn’t get one on Wednesday… poo

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0 Responses to Blame it on Rio(or Sao Paulo)

  1. Stacie says:

    oh I’m so bad this week with my flickr self portraits..I’m about 4 or 5 days behind. Too much to deal with in my house lately to take time to do it..I guess I better get back on it huh? Good luck with the AuPair! I hope you hear good news soon.

  2. Susan says:

    Busy man! Loved the podcast. Now I feel like I have been there.

  3. Leesa says:

    I missed last weekend for 365.. I just pick up where I left off 🙂

  4. Marianna says:

    There’s a new thing going around flickr-land. Friday Feet (or, It’s Friday So Put Your Feet Up!).

    Wanna play?


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